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  1. A better idea is to not use proactiv at all. You end up ordering more than you really need, and paying a lot for it however much you customize it. Stick with whatever works for you, but I think the drugstore's as good a place as any to get good, cheap products.
  2. A lot of people say that when they eat right, their acne seems to just "disappear". Yet for some odd reason, they still come to this site. Maybe that's because there really is no correlation between acne and diet. I thinks its like a false hope, that if you can somehow cut out all the sweets and fats, and just eat vegetables, your acne will improve. Derms know what they are talking about, and when they say it can't hurt to eat right, or that it's good to eat right, it's like a precaution: fr
  3. Proactiv is a terrible product. It contains basically the same stuff you would find in any supermarket or drug store, then ramps the price way up because they supposedly have a "patented formula". Like anything else it will either work, do nothing, or mess you up, and for me it did absolutely nothing.
  4. No there's no real difference. I have tried both and they do about the same job. Skip proactiv, too much $ and too many toners and revitalizers to put on.
  5. It wouldn't hurt to wash your face with water, then dry it off, just don't use soap. As for chocolate, derms say time and again that food has no affect on acne, and personally I have to agree with them. I exercise frequently, and it has had no affect on my acne.
  6. I don't think there is any link between acne and sleep. Some could argue that during the night your skin is healing, but it's not much different than during your average day. As for too much sleep, I can safely say that has no relation at all.
  7. It might have nothing to do with BP. I have had multiple shirts ruined, long before I ever tried the regimen. It could just be the type of fabric. You could try dry-cleaning them, or buying a dryer-only product at your supermarket. I personally use clearasil with BP, and I'm positive it has never bleached anything, if that's any help.
  8. Food has no effect whatsoever on your acne, as most, if not all dermatologists agree. It's most likely coincidence, or your imaginations.