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  1. Morning all, while shaving this this morning I noticed large purple veins on my neck which definitely weren't there last time I shaved. I'm not able to speak to my dermatologist until Monday so am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. http://a59.tinypic.com/f10sl.jpg (120 KB)
  2. Really enjoy reading your log. I've just took my 29th pill, however I'm only on 20mg so the side efrects are very minimal, will be going onto 40mg in a couple of weeks and praying it's still manageable. Keep going!
  3. Hi Ben, I've just started Accutane on June 5th and I paid £8.20 for 64 pills at 20mg.
  4. Hi all, After many years of putting off trying Isotretinoin, I finally received some today and have just took the first pill (20mg, 1 a day). Needless to say I am very nervous, but I won't ask about side effects etc as from what I've read on here, it can differ greatly. What I do want to ask however, is about general skin care while using the drug. I'm a typical man when it comes to cleansers and moisturisers and if I'm being honest I don't think I even know the difference. From what I c