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  1. Time was a big factor of course And yes i have needled about every 4 months or so. I have to metion that if you want to compare the results between the pictures correctly then you should not look on the 2 scars at the top of my scarring area because they are relativley new. (2nd pic) And slapping the scars felt amazing
  2. Hey Simon, check out my topicfor some before and afters. It is not perfect I noticed it today when I took the after pictures but I can live with that and it will continue to get better with time. Link: /topic/350431-what-kind-of-scarring-is-this/?comment-3483844&do=embed"> 1) You can fix the bad healing with your good diet. If your bad ability to heal is you greatest concern then you will realise in a few months that it will start to get better. and always remember that you can still
  3. here are my afters I have been applying acv and have been slapping my face inconsitantly for about 9 months now
  4. Hey Triedmanythings, your scarring is very similar to mine. And belive me when I tell you that they will fade with time ! I was in deep depression as well even though others have much worse scarring. I hated myself as much as you probably do. Yours is not too deep at all you still have the possibility to have great skin in your mid twenties. Other people can not say that. So a few things I did to improve my scars: - I became vegan and ate lots of fruits and vegetables. N
  5. hey guys keep you upated so i have gotten a pretty bad breakout about 1 month ago and it has resulted into further scarring. I would say that the new scars are much much worse than the old ones and I would be really happy if I had the skin I used to have 3 months ago, which I thought was horrible. (see pictures) Nevertheless I have switched to apple cider vinegar and we`ll see if i get beter results. I maybe post a few pics later but they are wothless because you can not compare if there was
  6. Hey Skyline Pictures would be helpful to identify your scars in terms of grade and type Nevertheless I have read on that forum about a girl with deep rolling scars who has improved about 70% in 3 months by applying diluted apple cider vinegar and drinking lemon water. Otherwise you could consider subcision and needling. I havent tried it by myself but I have from pretty good results. cheers
  7. skyline is right You do not have anything You have the skin of my 5 year old cousin dude You do not even have wrinkles
  8. Hey ! I have been applying coconut oil on my scars and red marks for the past 2 weeks and I would say I have 5% improvement in scars texture and about 50% improvement in my red marks they are definitely fading much more faster ! I think that would be agood start for you as well as your red marks do not seem to be hard to go away
  9. Wow ! I am really looking forward to your results. How bad have you considered your scaring before your treatment ? ( I refer to the Goodman system like they used in those studies you have posted ) Good luck !
  10. Are you the same boy who posted the pictures above ? becaus if yes you have a huge improvement and you will have no scars in the near future !
  11. Does acne effect you now in a relationship or getting one ? I am still in a relationship with a perfectly looking girl. Nevertheless I want to break up with her because I think she is asamed of me and I feel worthless compared to her. Have you dated and or dating someone with acne ? No How bad was or is his/her acne? Mine is pretty bad I would say. How does the whole acne category affect your relationship? My Acne ruined everything. How would you react if you see someone in your liking fro
  12. just a quick update. I started to apply coconut oil on my skin about 3 days ago and honestly I have to say that i got slight improvement. I will keep applying that for the next couple of months and will keep updating a bit. (if you guys interested) I might upload some pictures tmrw. One last thing I am not sure about. How would you consider my scarring ? Is it deep or superficial ? thanks for your help
  13. honestly i think it is mostly rolling scras with boxcar ? what do you guys think ?