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  1. everytime there is some huge medical achievement, from cloning cats, to growing hearts in a lab, to stem cells, i still cant believe there isnt a cure all for acne.... i just think that the medical society looks at acne as some kind of joke...Its 'cosmetic' and non life threatening so i dont think they put as much effort into finding a cure... weve been using varyations of bp and sa for over 50 years now. Nothing new. I swear they could come up with a cure if they really wanted to.
  2. im just like you, i always have boogers in my nose and always have alot of mucus...i wonder if theres a link?
  3. i dont understand how sex and masturbation are different...both have the same end result lol. so what are you guys going to do? never have sex for the rest of your life?
  4. im not 100% sure but i think acv is breaking me out too...im think im going to stop using it for a few days and see what happens.
  5. I'm sorry B5 stopped working for you, how long were you on it for?

  6. okay, can we please get back to the original topic, what was it again? lol and what we do now as far as 'breeding' doesnt matter anyway, because 2-3 hundred years from now there wont be many 'pure' races left...its a lost cause.
  7. it basically has to do with the fact that your skin heals at a darker color than the rest of your skin.
  8. this is messed up, but i was thinking today... Just think if you were alive in the 15/16th century(and yes, acne was around back then) If you had bad skin, you were probably thought to be diseased or unclean. I bet people with bad skin had a horrible time with the opposite sex... Thank god we live in a age when we can at least combat acne, even though there still isnt a cure so it makes me think, are we supposed to have been weeded out?
  9. update: looking back on this its devastating that b5 didnt work for me. now im back to 10% bp.
  10. update: damn i cant believe i was taking 20 pills a day lol. b5 just stopped working for me,
  11. update: 2 years later, i still use capsiderm....mainly because it makes my skin feel good. unfortunately, it doesnt work for acne.
  12. CursedSkin, Did you buy one of these kits that includes a genuine 1.5mm Dermaroller? http://cgi.ebay.com/DERMAROLLER-FACE-ACNE-...VQQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/DERMAROLLER-FACE-ACNE-...VQQcmdZViewItem If you did, is the Dermaroller that's included one time use only? According to the Dermaroller website, the 1.5mm Dermaroller models are one time use only.
  13. i think the only people who really notice acne scars are us, the acne scar sufferers. we look so hard at our own skin that we look at everyone elses skin just as hard. unless they are just that obvious, everyone else probably doesnt look as hard.