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  1. I personally have never read about a correlation between antibiotics and hairloss. Usually people speak of hair loss problems while on accutane. However, maybe somewhere here can enlighten us on the subject. Its also possible that you are just at the age where you will experience some hair loss. It's not that uncommon in people in their 20s.
  2. well, i have a red mark that has been around for quite a few years. The doctor has decided to use the vbeam laser on it what laser are you planning on using?
  3. well, im glad that this worked for you... but.. a month sure seems like a long time, mine usually fade alot quicker than that simply on their own. how does this compare to using the vinegar method?
  4. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about the VBeam laser, it supposedly can fix things like that
  5. Same thing happened to me one time with the vinegar. Does it look kinda spotty like a rash or something? In my case, i just put some moisturizer on it and it was mostly gone by the next day, and completely gone in 2 days
  6. yes, it definately helps your skin. You said you never saw signifigant improvement, but how often were you going? Going swimming once a week in the ocean isn't gonna make a big difference. You're gonna need to do it every day or at the very least every other day to get the clear skin you're looking for.
  7. Chlorine helps acne alot. The more you swim the less acne problems you will have. In my experience, the sun is also great for acne as long as you don't get burnt.
  8. i do, but my skin naturally has pink undertones. I do believe that the medicines that i use to fight acne, such as BP make it more sensitive to turning red. But then again, you gotta do what you gotta do to kill acne. A little redness never hurt
  9. Swimming is really good for killing acne. In fact, it pretty much cured mine. I'd say that you should wash your face after swimming in the pool(Just make sure the soap at the gym is decent, or just bring your own), but you don't need to do the regimen again till your normal time of doing it in the evening. Just make sure that you do your morning routine early enough so that the BP has a few hours on your skin before you go swimming. If your really determined to kill your acne for good, add swi
  10. Hi. I was wondering if anyone here has ever attempted to have a birthmark removed. In my case, a darkly pigmented one. If so, I am wondering what the procedure was like and how long it took. From what I have read, it seems that the way to go these days for birthmark removal is to use lasers. However, it seems like there are so many lasers out there these days and I don't know which one I should be looking for. If anyone could offer me some advice, I would greatly appreaciate it. Thanks
  11. Hi. I was wondering if anyone here has succesfully managed to use sunless tanners while on the regimen. Currently, I am completely clear of the acne, because of the regimen. However, my face still has a lot of redness, some acne related and some just natural i guess. Anyway, if i wasn't on the regimen, i would probably use some light tanner to cover some of the redness. However, since i am on the regimen, i was wondering what the reaction between the sunless tanner and the BP will be. Will the B
  12. In my experience the sun helps my acne. My advice to you is, after you get through playing tennis, go for a swim in the pool for about 20-30 minutes. Doing this has really improved my skin, and i know you'll easily be able to find a pool in Florida.
  13. well, i don't get cysts, but whenever i have individual pimples i usually put on like a pea sized amount of 10% clearasil ultra on each one at night . Usually this greatly decreases their size by morning.
  14. If you're looking to kill the acne on your back, there's a way easier way. Just get the clean and clear blackhead scrub since it has the microbeads which will be great for exfoliation and spend a few minutes seriously scrubbing the affected areas every time you shower. Then grab some 10% BP gel and apply it to the areas. This is what i have done to get rid of my bacne, and i have only done it for about a week and my bacne has improved at least 70%.
  15. ok, so its summer time now which means its time to go to the beach. My regimen is working out great for my face, because i literally have no acne on my face anymore. But my back and chest still has minor acne. I started using that new Clearasil Ultragel 10% BP on my back, and it has worked quite quickly (what they claim has proved true in my case). Anyway though, its about nine bucks and using the amount i need to keep my back clear, it won't last that long. So i was hoping you guys might know w
  16. swimming will actually greatly improve your acne, the chlorine has really worked WELL for me. I suggest buying a stong exfoliating scrub for your bacne and then start swimming everyday. Chances are itll all be gone in a few weeks of that.
  17. I just started treating the acne on my back with ST. Ives apricot scrub. Its really rough stuff and i definately would never use it on my face, but it seems fine for my back. i've only been doing it for a few days, but we'll see how it works out
  18. from my experience, your acne looks moderate enough that you probably will need to see your derm about some antibiotics and some tazorac. if you combine those two things with the regimen, you'll clear up in no time, but i don't think that BP will be able to fully cure the acne you have by itself.
  19. okay, i have a regimen that works well for myself, but every once and a while i get the occasional zit or two and it really pisses me off, i know it may seem selfish but it annoys the SHIT out of me because i fucking hate hate hate acne. Anyway, i was thinking that i could just crush the one or two that come up with hydrogen peroxide and just be done with them even though i know that stuff isnt good for you. what do you think guys?
  20. well, i keep trying to tell people how i have cured my acne.. but no one ever believes me. right now i do several things, however, swimming is a very important part of my regimen. this is how it works: morning: bp gel, erythromicin gel, eucerin, doxycycline afternoon: swim 25 laps evening: bp gel, erythromicin gel, eucerin, doxycycline At this point in time I have ZERO active acne on my face, and following this regimen i haven't had any acne on my face for months. I believe swimming is key
  21. ok, so like just about everyone else, ive been intrigued by B5, after all, taking some pills is a hell of a lot easier then most regimens. so i did a bit of research in B5 and Dr. Leung's "study". however, i ended up finding that he really only made a "Medical Hypothesis", and never actually did any clinical trials that were published in any respectable medical journal. Not only that, his "hypothesis" was made back in 1995, and now its 2004 and still no followup has been made. So thats my questi
  22. well, thats strange... i had the opposite results as you.. i have found using a combination of neutrogena BP, erythromicin topical antibiotic, and eucerin to have done a really good job at killing my acne. the only complaint i have about erythromicin gel is that is has alot of alcohol in it which can burn the shit out of your face if its dry. However, i dont mind a little bit of burning for results