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  1. thanks guys and gals i wana go on accutane because i was on antibiotics for about 6 months and it worked great, i was completely clear and my red spots from older acne faded quite well but its started to ware off and all my old shit is starting to come back so when its bad enough ill try to get on accutane but i wana know how weather affects your face, especially cold weather, because im planning a trip to afghanistan in the winter and by then ill probably be on accutane but the weather over
  2. I keep hearing these horror stories but are there some people that didnt get horrific initial breakouts?
  3. i know thats what happens during the treatment but is it like that after you are done with the meds?
  4. Im wondering if once you become immune to a certain type of antibiotics, can u go on another type or are u immune to all of them?
  5. im on about my second week of this stuff and ive experianced a little flaking here and there and 1 small peel, my question is that does my face have to peel and flake excessively before this stuff works?
  6. I have red/brown spots on my cheeks and forehead and would like to use this product as soon as possible but can someone tell me exactly what i should purchase off that website, there are atleast 10 different bottles for sale and i dont know which one/ones i should buy someone help me out thanks
  7. Hamid


    How long do i take zinc until i see any improvement with my red/dark spots? im now taking 50 mg a day
  8. What are the best vitamins to fade away brown/red spots?
  9. i thought both of them do the same thing though, take the bad shit out of your face before anything get better
  10. Ive been on retin a for about 5 weeks now, my face is worse than its ever been and im thinking about going on accutane, my question is will the breakouts on accutane be that bad since im already broken out from the retin a?