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  1. I'll admit that I don't look in bathroom mirrors with those harsh fluorescent lights. However, once I saw this bit by George Carlin: I no longer feel alone in my experience of that.
  2. Oh... this happened to me more than a few times when my face was in epically bad shape. All I could do was smile and tell them "It's acne. Was your face and eat right, and you won't end up like me." It is really disheartening though.
  3. Potatoes are probably just fine for you, assuming that you don't prepare them in a way that is unhealthy (e.g. French fries, which are deep fried and covered in salt). They do get a bad rap for being high on the glycemic index and high in carbs. However they're low in glycemic load and the carbs come from starch, which is one of the best way to get carbs. My opinion: potatoes are real food, eat up! Although as always, watch how your body reacts to them, especially since they have a lot of star
  4. On top of everything else that goes along with alcohol, the alcohol itself will enlarge the blood vessels in the skin causing redness, decrease the amount of vitamin A in your body, and dehydrate you.
  5. Took a look at your gallery and your skin got so great! im so happy for you =)

  6. HyperSniper


    Finished! If you want reassurance that it will work, look in here! Amazing Results!
  7. Hm, could you elaborate on that? You didn't give a lot of proof of why you think that way; you just asserted a lot of things. Hm, cameras don't produce the same image as bathroom mirrors under floresent lights (which I know is the worst possible lighting ever for skin). There might also be some kind of weird thing going on about how people process the image of someone in a mirror, generally it's the mirrored image is considered to be more attractive, but in my case it appears to be opposi
  8. Lol, I'm a horrible judge of what attractive men look like. Like looking at the dude from Twilight I was pretty sure that guy was not good looking, however most people say the opposite. Yeah, another thing I have to remind myself is that physical attractiveness is probably the last thing a woman looks for, unless she's just messed up and you don't want to go out with her anyway. Like, you could be a dude in a wheel chair with some kind of bone disorder and get more women than Brad Pitt if you
  9. So my battle with acne is for the most part finished, I can control it now with a combo of diet and washing my face now. However, I have some pretty serious scars check my gallery, it's pretty epic. Nothing like most of you went or are going through. Yup, my avatar's skin is fake, thanks to photoshop. What really hurts me though is when I see someone in a movie have some kind of severe facial damage. Like a recent example would be like in "Gran Torino." I'll try not to spoil the movie if you ha
  10. just saw your newest pics, you're looking super good, many congrats, and happy (early) new year :)

  11. It might get in your blood stream faster, but it will damage the tissues in your nose. I can't see a benefit to doing that.