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  1. you were born in may too?? happy birthday! :)

  2. though I know sometimes our mind is cheating on us and we think we look worse than we really do, it's probably couse of these all bad memories from the past, which make us feel uncomfortable about our look.

    But you're pretty and if I didn't know I wouldnt believe you ever had acne, so just carpe diem babe :), I'll join you soon.

    Miłego dnia, napisz co słychać u Ciebie.

  3. hej hej hej, nice to hear from you again it's been a while. I've just finished my 3rd month of accutane and it's working super, not a single spot during past month, however scars are starting to bother me more and more, even though they're not that visible.

    How are you doing these days? I've let myself to take a look at your gallery and your face looks pretty, thoug

  4. No co sie zieje boi!? how is ur progress , hope is all good! Ilonka PZ

  5. hey sorry bout not answering before i been busy w school n shit, so im not gnna go on accutane, for now my skin is ok, but im happy that ur seeing results! talk to u soon

  6. one of the things i appreciate about life. :)

  7. ahhh it seems like even after accutane it's imposible to be 100% satisfied...

    but imperfection will always be a part of us. Have a nice day.

  8. hey hey hey! im doin fine although struggling with lots of whiteheads & a few pustules in some days. i kinda miss accutane..thanks for voting! i created that poll to satisfy my curiosity to some extent. lol

  9. Hello my dear friend ;] how are you doing? I'm enjoying my accutane course right now :), and you got my vote at your poll, why did you do it? just for yourself or are you doing any scientific research? see you soon girl ;]

  10. hello ;] how are you doing? I'm good cause accutane works decent I think. Drop me a line so that I know youre fine :)

  11. Hello Just a qucik update on my log, mostly good news I stopped using bp about two weeks ago and everything is fine so far so hopefully I'm done with using bp forever. The bad thing is my face looks red and all the redmarks look much worse :\ but I thing its because of isotretinoin and that it will get better soon. thats mostly everything to report see you soon ;]
  12. Hello I just dropped by to wish you good luck, I'm on accutane for 1 month too, side effects are sometimes painfull, but we have to just take it ;] And after we finish our courses we shall celebrate like no one ever did.
  13. Month 2 Day 2 (overall day 33 I think) Hi answerme, you chose a good day to leave a note in my log ;], cause I haven't updated in 2 weeks. I don't know who invented isotretinoin, but I love that person. This medication works super. After a month I dont get new acne (although I still use a little bit of bp), my skin doesn't get oily at all - which is great, after 12 houres there's not even a single sign of oil on my face. The bad things are dry lips and terrible back pain, but I can take it
  14. Hi, thanks for dropping by on my log, and for doing it the same day I came to update after 2 weeks ;], everything is good with the course ar more exactly everything is great. Your skin looks great in those photos above^^, so do you, and I don't know what you're doing with your DNA, but I'm telling you your DNA is perfect so leave it as it is ;] See you soon bye bye
  15. Hi, I'm sory to hear that something is wrong with your skin again, I hope it's nothing major, but if you think you need 2nd accutane in my opinion you should do it, I'm on it for about one month now and it works decent, If I ever need second course I'll do it in a heart beat. Let me know how you're doing, papa ;]