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  1. DAY 58 Gah. Almost two months in... and I've broken out the past few days around my chin/jawline again. Don't know why. I'm almost CERTAIN diet played a factor. I was getting very clear, no new breakouts for a few days, then I had milk, protein shake, chocolate icecream, all in a few days, and I broke out. Coincidence? Maybe. I'm just praying it gets better soon
  2. DAY 37 Ugh. Ive been breaking out constantly on my jaw line on the cheek up towards my lip. It's really annoying. Acne on my forehead and sides of my face have improved a LOT, so thats good news. Lips/face pretty dry. Cmonnn clear!
  3. DAY 29 Been on 60mg for two days now... broke out on my cheek/jaw line. It's pretty rough, but everywhere else seems to be fine. I also have a little one on my neck, argh.. Lips getting very dry. Whenever I'm at home I always put on vaseline. I bought Blistex chap stick but it isnt too good for me, and same with this other Nivea one I bought. Better days to come..
  4. DAY 21 Went to the derm.. I'm running behind schedule, so im finishing up my 9 pills with 80mg one day, 40mg the next till they're done. I've been bumped to 60mg, starting in a few days. Theres still some acne around the jawline, and on the sides.. forehead good, a bit on the upper lip, but it seems like things are slowly getting better.
  5. DAY 14 lol... i was playing hockey in 2 degree weather, but it was sunny... and I got a sunburn! didnt see THAT one coming guess I really need to be careful come summer time the left side of my face is a bit worse, a few active pimples on the jawline and one near my temple. the old scarring seems to be a bit more noticable, but its ok. skin hasnt dried out yet. lips get dry but not chapped. im just pissed about the sunburn! lol, damnit! till next time
  6. DAY 6 My pre-accutane breakout has decreased dramatically.. I'm feeling very confident. No IB as of yet, and hopefully never. Lips seemed to have gotten dry almost overnight. Nose gets dry at night also. Skin not dry, yet. Thats about it for now.
  7. Well.. that didnt happen. My derm wrote the wrong perscription by accident, and then went on holidays for a week lol.. what luck. Anyways, started 40mg on Tuesday, this is now day 3. Had a breakout before I even began accutane.. like the worst in months. I dont know why. So far no side effects and accutane hasnt made it worse or better. Btw, im taking the generic brand Clarus.. Note to myself, logs are great. Good way to vent. Pictures soon.
  8. Starting tonight! 10mg/day, because I have mild (sometimes moderate) persistant acne on my face, and a fair bit on my back. Hopefully one course will solve it. Going to update with pics soon! Mario
  9. Hi. I'm 18 now, and I've had acne since I was about 11. It was pretty rough a few years ago, but I never went to a derm. I've tried pro-activ, some other stuff, and benzamycin. As of right now, all I have are a few active pimples on my face (not very big), a lot of activity on my back (somewhat due to working out), and a fair amount of scarring. My derm said I should go on acctane - but it sounds to me like its more of a treatment for the scarring than anything else. However, I've read that a
  10. Well, here I go. I'm not sure what kind of acne I have, if it's mild/moderate, but there's a lot of it. And it's really annoying (I'm sure you've figured that out). I've been on Benzamycin for a month now. It cleared up dramatically at around the 3rd week. I broke out Friday/Sat and this is where I'm at now (see attatchments). My theory as to why I broke out, goes like this: On Friday I had a glass of coke (my first in almost a month). I was also really stressed with university and having to r