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  1. Looking young is the only good thing about having very oily skin.
  2. I've tried both ways: leaving it on and washing it off. As for the ratio, one tbsp of vinegar to 1/2 - 2/3 cup of water. It seems to be increasing my oil production.
  3. All moisturizers (and sunscreens) break me out, so I don't use one. A couple of hrs after I wash my face, my skin is so oily... I could coat a frying pan
  4. A few days after starting this... I started breaking out more. Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. I have acne rosacea, so I can't use hot or cold water on my face... only tepid. Extreme water temps bring out telangiectasia on those of us who have rosacea.
  6. It doesn't break me out... but, it does cake around my nose.
  7. Most of my time is spent getting the foundation just right.
  8. I tried it when it first came out. It took all of 6 hrs to give me "raccoon eyes". lol
  9. I've tried a couple of them. Made my (very) oily skin, oiler.
  10. German, Scottish, English, and Irish. I'm very pale. lol