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  1. Hi okay so. Im pretty fed up with my skin at the moment. I suffer from hormonal acne. I get my breakouts right on my monthly. Sometimes I get more than that but anyway, I dont know what to do with my chin area scarring and the red marks. I get blackheads SO easily and they just wont away. I just keep getting more and more. I have tried everything: Topicals from dermatologist(s). Clearsonic brush. Chemical Peels Dermabrasion Oral Meds from dermatologist(s) all of the drug stores products.
  2. hope im posting this right haha. I would like to know what type of scarring i have? Any treatment advice would be great too thank you to all who answer
  3. I think its active acne right now because I recently tried aha and I think its causing me to purge
  4. Tried topicals: differin, retin a, baking soda, benzoyl peroxide, every drug store product. Clindamycin phosphate. Supplements: zinc,fishoil,prime rose, vitamin D, b12. Meds: spiro& doxy(2 dermo refuses accutane and birth control). Diet: a lot of meat thanks to my parents. TONS of water (yes I excerise ) veggies and controlled fruit (afraid of the all the sugar) I will admit I drink a bit a coffee. No sodas what so ever or junk food. I personally don't like the taste. yes my skin is wor
  5. What treatment plan do you guys recommend for my hyperpigmentation? I'm currently using aha but not seeing very good results.
  6. Caseylou1

    Casey Lous

    Trying to get rid of red marks all while battling hormonal red marks