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  1. It's literally been only a month since I have last posted and I am so disheartened to say that I am bad :'( I have been prescribed another round of Accutane. It's miserable, but I am going to do a second log as the first time really helped me emotionally to vent and even looking back on it now, I hope that this first log will help me during the second log. Please follow my second log here:
  2. Hello once again! I joined around last year mainly to keep an online log for my first time on Accutane I finished the course halfway through December I believe and I am so disheartened to say that my acne has returned extremely badly only after two months of being off it I have been prescribed a second course of the same mg and same brand of Accutane. My first Accutane log has my general story and background of getting Accutane and the type of acne I had, and the log can be found here: D
  3. I'm so sorry for the late reply! I hope my reply will help you in some way, even though it's two months late! I started on 40mg of Accutane. My doctor didn't give me an increased dosage (even though it's common). If your doctor increases your dosage, it will be a faster course I believe. I did roughly 6-7 months, only on 40mg. My doctor gave me the choice to stop around month 5-6 because my skin looked way better, and calculated the amount that my body could "handle" in one course, and with t
  4. I haven't updated in awhile but I haven't had the time! I have less than a month to go, so I will update before Christmas as my final log! Sorry for the delay as I have been super busy with school
  5. Day 100 // Sun. Sept 6: Side Effects: So far, I am dealing with a lot of red scars and marks, but I'm glad to say that I am rarely getting breakouts now! Skin was a little dry this week (might be because the cold weather has finally started to settle in, yay!) so my skin was flaking a lot. My skin all over my body has been extremely dry and putting on lotion is such a hassle but I will feel like a starfish out of water if I don't put it on! Nothing new to report. I'm wondering if I'm allowed to
  6. Day 94 // Mon. Aug 31: Side Effects: Finally done month 3! Let's see. This month was way better than the first and second month. In the middle of month 3, I have a breakout and I thought it would never get better but I have to say that today, I think I am finally on the road to clearer skin. I still have lots of red marks and scars to deal with, but that's way better than pimples! I have been trying to wear less makeup so I can let my skin breathe. I don't want to jinx it and say that I finally
  7. Day 88 // Tues. Aug 25: Side Effects: **I will start doing condensed updates because I'm finding it really difficult to update more daily and I'm not experiencing any different symptoms so if I am doing condensed updates, it will most likely be because I have been super busy or there are no changes happening to my face. The past three days have remained the same. I'm getting less breakouts and I think I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the very long and dark tunnel! (Though I do
  8. **I have to do a condensed update again because school starts very soon for me and I've been busy trying to work out my schedule, apply for scholarships, and working so I've been super busy! D: Day 85 // Sat. August 17: Side Effects: All the stress from last week actually made me incredibly sick this week. But I'd rather be sick than have a breakout from stress. Five more days and I will be done month 3! I feel like my skin has stayed the same over the last couple of weeks, but I can't be too s
  9. Day 80 // Mon. Aug 17: Side Effects: Soooo stressed out with trying to pick a major for university! Probably why I'm breaking out so badly. Been losing sleep over this as well so that could contribute! Almost finishing my third month. I'm hoping once again, maybe the fourth month will be the lucky month. I'm not too sure how long I have to be on this drug for. Until I see my doctor again, I will continue staying on 40mg. I'm worried that I'll have a relapse though and will have to go back on it
  10. Day 73 // Mon. Aug 10: Side Effects: Haven't been updating since I've been working so much so I will have to fast forward it! Below is just a week's update! Day 79 // Sun. Aug 16: Side Effects: I have been so busy working and preparing for university I barely remember to update this so I'm sorry! This week has been better, particulary Monday through Thursday. It seemed like I finally was beginning to see that bright light at the end of the very dark and overwhelming tunnel. It seemed like every
  11. Day 71 // Sat. Aug 8: Side Effects: Still having the breakouts. They're still mainly on my left cheek and on my upper neck/jawline and they're small cysts that never really come to a head. I did the charcoal mask a couple days ago and I've noticed that my dry skin has been flaking off with the mask so when I wash my face after I'm done the mask, my face feels so smooth. I know that it's not recommended to use scrubs or anything harsh on Accutane since the skin is so sensitive, but I think any ki
  12. Day 69 // Thurs. Aug 6: Side Effects: Soooooo sick of these breakouts. I just want it to get better I start school very soon so I'm praying that it will clear up, but even then, I think I'm hoping for too much. I have to remind myself to drink more water because I suck at reminding myself to do so I got this silly but super cute app called Plant Nanny. It reminds you to drink water frequently and along with it, comes with a plant, so when you drink water, you'll water the plant (and the plant i
  13. Day 68: Side Effects: Breakouts are still so bad! I was hoping the initial breakout only lasted a week but I honestly feel like it's been going on for over a month My left cheek is slowly recovering from this week's breakout, but my right cheek is a disaster. I think I'll be trying a new charcoal mask I got yesterday so hopefully it will calm down because I have three days of work starting tomorrow and would be really embarrassed if I have to go show my face to customers! No new results or side
  14. Day 66 // Mon. August 3: Side Effects: Definitely having another breakout now. It's spreading to both cheeks and are so inflamed. I'm so ashamed to even go outside now because if I turn my face, all people see is redness Super bummed out about having to apply makeup over them. I have been trying my best to go makeup free as much as possible, but I can't do it when it comes to work. No new results today. Will be seeing the doctor tomorrow. Day 67: Side Effects: I wasn't able to see my original
  15. Day 64 // Sat. Aug 1: Side Effects: Kind of had a food relapse where I ate unhealthy It's been getting so warm in my city so my skin has not been doing well. I'm not too sure if it's just me, but my skin tends to look and feel better in cooler weather/climate. Usually, we have heatwaves that last 2-3 weeks and then it will cool down dramatically so I'm hoping it will be okay soon. No new symptoms lately. It's rather boring I'd have to say because I would wake up one morning feeling like my face