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  1. I was reading about mental illness related to having long term severe to mild acne as i do. I discovered a condition called acne dysmorphia,I read the symptoms of the condition and i think i might have it. Iam always checking my face in the mirror,Iam convinced my acne is far worse than it is,I will not allow myself to be photographed,I get depressed after looking in the mirror and have thoughts of tearing my skin off.Iam convinced when strangers look at me outside in the street they are disgu
  2. God! i have never had a girlfriend ever! iam 28 aswell i may aswell be gay (but iam not) Iam so convince that no woman would ever go out with me that i dont even bother to try dating.
  3. iam 28 and i would love to have a couple of kids! i think i would make a good father,but sadly my acne and psychological problems associated with it mean i have little chance of getting a woman to bear me kids
  4. iam so lonely thanks to acne FUCKEN ACNE! i have never dated a girl ever iam 28! if i were gay when i wouldnt have minded,but iam not gay so it sucks big time! I saw a women on this site who is in her 20's married with kids and has acne about the same as me, how on earth did she do that? did her acne come after she got married? i cant imagine any women wanting an ugly bastard like me. Why do some people never get any spots at all? whats there secret? life sucks!!
  5. yes shaving is problem for me for two reasons first) i dont have clear skin round my chin area, its covered in red bits (not quite spots) when i shave they start bleeding and my chin area is all red and sore looking. second)My chin area is the most stubborn part of my face to clear up! it seems to break out most mornings when i awake. my forehead has come along quite well and the right side of my face is pleasing me to.
  6. Hi everyone! Iam new to this forum and i first want to say what a great idea to have a place where acne suffers can go and share there views and experiences of having acne with each other,i wish the net was around when i was a teenager in the early 90's when i first got acne. Well i will tell you abit about myself first,my name is brad,iam 28,have dark hair,blue eyes,5ft8ins,thin/slim built and sadly have ACNE!!!!!! u my have already guessed Well i want to share my experience of this dise
  7. yes!!! i have this disorder plus other mental problems associated with anxiety and depression. I am paranoid of what people think and say about me.I am a total weirdo with no friends no girlfriend no social life at all! iam pretty much fucked up!
  8. i hardly meet anyone at all in my life,i have turn into a recluse because of my ugliness
  9. i want clear skin!!! i have not had it since i was 12! its about time i got it ! if i feel happy about myself i feel i can re-join society and have something that resembles a life.If it continues i feel i will go crazy and do something stupid to myself.I know clear skin doesnt mean i will get a wife,kids and big house and a car But hey it cant hurt my chances
  10. i often feel gulity for feeling so bad about myself when there are others with far worse conditions then me .i just cant help feeling so down about my looks.
  11. hi there!!!!! i have just joined this forum and i look forward to talking with fellow sufferers. iam 28 (u might have quessed ) and i have had really bad acne since 13 (it has got abit better over the years) but my skin is still acned and scared none the less i often dream of a day i can look in the mirror and see a clear skined guy looking back at me well maybe one day it could happen who knows so i look forward to chatting with u all.
  12. i have had acne since i was 13,i am 28 now and it has only improved abit over the years.I have scars and pitting on my face as well.Acne has totally ruined my life! (what life) Well i see iam not alone in this misery of horrible skin. i have just joined this forum and look forward to talking to other suffers about there experiences.