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  1. lc52


    hey, i've been reading the forums here on off have advice on my acne, some stuff has helped, some hasn't. But something I've been doing recently is going on a sunbed for about 10 minutes once a week to see if it would help out with my red marks. It's been about two weeks so far and it seems to be helping. It's like its tanning my red marks so that they evenually disappear. I've got mild to moderate acne, i've mainly got red marks on both of my cheeks, with some active acne. Good thing is that
  2. You may have a point. I have been having kidney pains on and off over the past year or so and I guess my acne started around the same time. I might look into this and tell my doctor or something (Btw I drink a lot of water so it can't be a kidney stone or anything lol).