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  1. No I had oily skin also. I was using lots of BP cleansers like the ones you mentioned + Buf Pufing my skin to death + using heavy duty oil absorbing astringents. It made my skin ALOT MORE OILY! I was over irritating the skin and not giving it the moisture it "needed". I thought b/c I was oily I didn't need a moisturizer. I was wrong. Now I follow the CSR regimen to a T with the exception of adding the Astringent by Clean and Clear for Sensitive skin at night. Much better-90-95% clear afte
  2. The Neutrogena 2.5 % is in the "acne" section. Check Dan's products...much much cheaper for the size/money...
  3. Yes crap--but might be good for back or somewhere other than the face!
  4. Yikes! I noticed you are using the 10% BP. I think the trick (at least it has worked for me) is to use the lower strength 2.5%-but coat it on and let is soak in...reapply... then moistuize. I also used the 10% before I found Dan's site for CSR. I thought the stronger the stuff the better. WRONG I was! My face isn't nearly as oily now using the 2.5%! In fact is normalizing and is almost clear...just a few small small small ones. Dan sells all of the CSR products really reasonable. I hav
  5. Hang in there....things are going to look up soon! Have you tried all the other "programs"? I know Accutane is a last resort. Sorry you are going through such a hard time. I also had some cysts but they have cleared with the CSR program. Are you on the pill? Sometimes the hormones are to blame...THINK PINK
  6. Are you overscrubbing or cleansing too often??? I was also oily but after doing the CSR program AND moisturizing with Cetaphil I am normal again...Change up your routine...If it ain't workin---switch Oh-I also used the oil absorbing sheets by Clean and Clear and also use their sensitive skin astringent...
  7. Ok-my freaking eyebrows-normally medium brown color have a reddish tint--bleaches out look in places. The only explanation can be the loads of BP I use. I must get it in my brows too. Funny---just noticed it and I have been CSRing for 4 weeks. Hmmm...Anyone else???? Of course I know it bleaches fabrics etc...but eyebrows??? Be careful!
  8. Ok-I just started the program a month ago and have had fabulous results. I am scared to try foundation! BUT--- I need the coverage! I have some Lancome but need to go back and get a new color etc. What is the best foundation for acne prone skin? I like to have a nice matte finish and good even coverage. I am in my 30's. Used to consider myself oily but that has changed with the program. Any advice on makeup tips??? When I break out it has usually been at the jawline. Thanks for your h
  9. Keep it up Sam. You might want to order Dan's BP. Maybe you are allergic to an ingredient in the Neutrogena. I would definitely try smaller amounts and ramp up from there. Hang in there b/c it does work. I still have some episodes of dryness although I am clearning up super! It seems to come and go. Keep us posted on your progress...
  10. I have gone from cystic moderate acne all month long to clear skn in less than a month. I use the mild cleanser-(generic Cetaphil--found at Walmart) twice daily-no washcloth-fingers only, lots and lots of BP, and Cetaphil moisturizer at night after cleansing. It is awesome! My results have slowly improved over the month although I saw results within two days. The trick I think is to treat the skin gently. I had been overscrubbing. Also I use a mild toner to remove traces of make up etc aft