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  1. ^^^^garlic has natural antibiotic properties. I never had severe acne, just a few zits at a time that would get nasty. the zits were never my main worry, it's the fact that my skin scars so easily that makes me anxious when I break out. My digestion and overall health are pretty great, just not my skin. I went on accutane yrs ago and completely cleared my acne for around 8 years. I went on this diet to avoid having to go back on accutane. if nothing else I have answered a few question I
  2. So, I made a derm appt prob going back on antibioticsbreaking out around my jawline mainly. unfortunately, I just have bad genetics. I'm in my 30's and not overly oily like my 20's, yet still break out. I changed my diet completely and still break out. I exercise and am in great shape, yet still break out. I stayed on an identical routine from the above photos, minus antibiotics, so obviously the antibiotics r what got rid of the acne. If I didn't have to worry about scarring I would b cont
  3. Been a few months since I was completely clear. Still eating the same diet and taking the same vitamins. Starting to break out again sad to say, but I've pretty much proven it was the antibiotics that cleared my skin. Nothing else changed, so I guess that's pretty conclusive.
  4. Is this serious? Old enough to play w yourself time to stop believing any nonsense u hear. Not having sex causes problems w your prostate
  5. Eating anything once will not break u out. I always ate a healthy dietand I still got acne. Accutane ko'd most of that. My best advice for diet is to not stress out, since diet really is a small % when it comes to acne causes. Eating healthy gives me a good bod, so even if it does nothing for acne I still get something out of it.
  6. They put tons of shit in w the side effects that happen IF u mix them with other drugs. Obviously your derm would discuss all that w u. Never heard of anyone going deaf on accutane. Although people on here claim they r going bald years after accutane and blaming it on e drug. Some people r really unhappy and seem to blame accutane use for their problems.
  7. Well, my skin is 100% zit free! I am still doing the super healthy diet, but have started to cut back on the vitamins. I am only using the Ziana at night, nothing during the day.
  8. ^^^oh yeah, it lasts. I had very little oil for 7-8 years after accutane. I had such good skin that I only had to wash with water over those years and never broke out. My face started to get oily again last year, but nowhere near pre-accutane levels. if the oil is under control the zits will go away.
  9. Been eating almonds and cashews like they r going out of style. I have heard that peanuts "could" cause u to break out, but the opposite with almonds. My skin is 100% clear right now. I also use only almond milk instead of regular or soy.
  10. Chill out. Low carb is veeeery important. No greasy or super fatty foods and no simple carbs (sugars, white breads and grains). Also, make sure to drink enough liquids to keep things moving smoothly. There's also a good chance the problems r in your head and caused by anxiety.
  11. I had bowel issues a year or so AFTER accutane. I changed my diet and my ibs symptoms have gone away 100%. That was nine years ago.
  12. I tanned on accutane. It was probably stupid, but it didn't cause any problems. U don't look too bad, just a few big zits. Loads of people take nearly the entire 6 months to fully respond to accutane. Is your skin a lot less oily? If it is u will def respond.
  13. U took accutane for only 5 days? There's no way u got Any side effect from 5 days. Stress, depression, anxiety and a whole list of emotional problems can cause ED symptoms. U have a hormone problem if your testosterone is abnormally low.
  14. Took it when I was 24 now 33 no side effects. I did have minor bowel issues that started a year or so AFTER accutane. They went away with changes in my diet and I'm not sure if accutane had anything to do with any of the issues. there is a very small minority that doesn't respond well to accutane. Most posting on here didn't respond well to treatment, otherwise they probably wouldn't b on an acne board.
  15. I used Tazorac when I was 25 and thought it was TERRIBLE. I have used just about every topical, but this was the worst. Retin a for sure. U don't have kids skin anymore, so that super harsh stuff isn't right. retinoids take away minor scarring and wrinkles, not make them worse. The skin can take on a shine and def get more oily, which would make scars look worse. U need to use clean and clear oil wipes every few hours to keep matte. If u use benzoyl peroxide during the day it will keep th