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  1. I've been bad. Last summer, despite the slow and steady progress I had been making with epiduo, i stopped treatment abruptly as i was going on a summer expedition-style trip. I had told myself I'd be off it for no more than a month simply because i didn't want to be peeling like crazy around so many people, and my skin had been looking so good that i thought i'd be fine for a while, and indeed i was. i enjoyed the whole summer last year, with pretty decent skin. However, bit by bit the problems
  2. Nbee

    Day 9

    This stuff is a miracle! My redness has mostly calmed down now, but i still get bouts of extreme itchiness, which i''ve been trying my best to manage using cetaphil and vaseline. However, none of that really matters since i currently have no acne on my face! Bar one whitehead, the majority of the skin has become smooth,the texture change is incredible since i can't remember the last time any area of my skin was free of bumps and roughness. of course, it still doesn't exactly look great as
  3. Nbee

    Day 5

    Okay so it's definitely improved since the last time i posted. my face isn't as red but its still peeling like hell and itchy. The best thing about epiduo is that it does the job. All of the little bumps i had along my jawline and cheeks have gone, and been replaced by masses of peeling skin. the formula is kind of working outwards from the centre of my face for me. it began right next to my nose, but now the dry peeling sking has travelled down to my jaw and up to my forehead. The fact that it'
  4. I read reviews and knew what i was in for before starting epiduo, but when it said that i may experience burning, I had no idea it meant hell fire breaking loose on my skin! It's only my third day and I could barely touch my skin due to the sensitivity. Both of my cheeks are raw and red, i'm terrified of going in to school for my exams on Monday as i genuinely look scary. Even water stings. But, despite that, after reading so many positive reviews, i know i have to stick it out to experience tho
  5. Nbee

    Day 3

    First off, a little background on my acne. I've been struggling with it since the age of 11 and have gone through hundreds and hundreds of products, desperate to find my acne cure. I'm now 16 years old and have acne scars spread out over my entire face. My forehead, my cheeks, between my eyebrows, my chin, everywhere. my acne is mostly formulated of whiteheads, although i do occasionally experience a flare of cystic acne whenever my skin is in the mood to make me feel miserable. It has bee