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  1. My derm said she'd recommend PDT (photodynamic therapy) for the holes on my face. I still dont understand if I have large pores or icepick scars on my cheeks and nose. I felt uncomfortable with PDT because the results are not permanent and way too expensive. Does anyone know if TCA peels are good for enlarged pores? I want to have smooth skin without all holes on my face, are TCA peel results permanent? Here are the holes on my face.
  2. hello, can someone give me knowledge on how to tell if someone's pores are genetically naturally large, or are they enlarged pores due to acne, or are they scarred pores? how do you tell the difference? and what treatments can help each type pores? thanks a lot for the replies.
  3. interesting thoughts. and yes you are right asian, 20. but from the texture of my skin in the picture, it makes me look like 35-40 imo.
  4. You already answered your question. It's because you got older. It's like asking why you all of a sudden have facial hair and didn't 3 years ago (if it's genetic). Or why your hair got darker. You hair gets thicker and darker, and spreads, your pores get bigger, your skin gets thinner, your collagen production decreases, and even your skin tone can change (from a variety of factors). These are all due to effects aging has on your skin cells. One of the most common causes of acne is, more
  5. If it's genetic, how come I only have those pores in certain areas of my skin and not the entire face? I dont remember having large pores 3-4 years ago.
  6. what treatment is needed to get rid of the holes on my face and to make it smooth like shown in the circle? will retin a work? co2 laser? please advice me.
  7. I believe that a scarred pore can still block up from sebum production. So it can still fill up as a blackhead/whitehead, and actually is prone to it because it is exposed to more outside pollutants, I think. The person in the pics looks like she has a couple of icepick scars. Those scars can be treated with excision/punch excision or TCA cross. I think scarred pores are much harder to treat. I've asked for advice on how to treat scarred pores a couple of times on this forum and haven't gotten a
  8. i am starting to wonder, are those actually really pores? could they be ice pick scars?? how do you tell the difference?
  9. How do I tell the difference between ice pick scars and enlarged/scarred pores? I am not sure what I have. I have had holes on my face for 4.5 years, and I've always thought they were enlarged pores. I decided not to take pictures with my camera because, my camera isnt as good as this person's and wont be able to depict its severeness. but the holes in my face looks like this person's, except i do not have raised bumps as this peron's. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Sagging-pores-t264375.htm
  10. omg your pores look exactly like mine, check out my thread. they are identical, its hard to find the correct lighting for the camera to capture your first picture's facial texture. i am also 20. it seems like its impossible to shrink yours and my type of pore size to nearly invisible pores. but my question is, what caused this type of pore enlargement, i remember when i was 16 or so, my pores were not this huge. i am a male, would females find this unattractive on a guy? if so, to what extent? a
  11. Pictures could also make them look worse. Just a thought. I think you look great. Honestly. Nothing can shrink them permanently, I dont think. I wouldnt risk laser for what you have. Try a superficial peel at your derms office. I think it will help. Thanks for the optimistic view, but i can assure you in a real life view of them, they are 2x worst. are those dots really enlarged pores or icepick scars? or could they be something else?
  12. since im rated 2-4 that means the real answer is 4-8, because pictures are known to hide the real details, damn how old do i look from the picture? is it true nothing can shrink pores permanently ? not even laser surgery? any recommendations on how to make my skin more smoother?
  13. from a scale of 1-10, how bad are my pores? be honest please. how old do i look from the skin texture as shown in the pic? anyone have any tips on how to shrink them? ive had them for 4 years now, i registered on this forum in 06 as indicated. do pores shrink with time? has anyone had any laser treatment to fix their pores, was it successful? can anyone fill me in on my situation? thanks guys.