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  1. I was on Accutane around 3 years ago 60mg for 6 months. My acne was very persistent at the time and I had tried lots of medications for it but nothing was working. 3 years on I get the occasional breakout, but I would say Accutane definitely reduced the severity of my breakouts. I use Retin-A at the moment to prevent breakouts and it works well for me. If you have persistent acne and your dermatologist thinks that your body can handle a second round and your blood work is all ok then I see
  2. I used a tretinoin cream for many months now that contained this ingredient. It hasn't affected me really, i'm clear most of the time. Before I suffered from comedonal and pretty moderate inflammatory acne.
  3. It sounds like you had good success with it. I was wondering if you used all the products in the system every night? Also did you use all the products or could you do without some of them?
  4. I have been using 0.05% tretinoin for around 6 months, just recently I have began breaking out a little more than usual. If I use a 0.1% tretinoin will it be more effective at preventing my breakouts? Or does tretinoin not work like that? Thanks.
  5. I have a large spot near the left side of my mouth. It started off as a pain under the skin and then got red and inflammed, it came to a small head then burst. Ever since, it has been draining pus everytime I wash my face and will not heal. I'm talking a lot of pus. The area near it also feels warm and tender to touch. I was wondering does this sound like a spot or could it be a boil of some sort?
  6. The redness will fade with time, mine did about 3 months after accutane. I now use a cream called retin-a, which prevents any acne from coming back. I think it also helped with the red marks I had left over. Its only on prescription though so you need to see a doctor or dermatologist.
  7. I want to start eating healthier than I currently do. Its not to help with my acne as I pretty much have that under control now. I just want to feel healthier by changing what I eat. I am of a good weight (don't want to loose or gain weight). Can anyone recommend any good resources to look at so I can learn about this? I also do quite a lot of running, so don't want my diet to affect that too much. Any recommendations? As quite frankly I feel lost in all this healthy eating stuff. Thanks
  8. I'm currently using retin-a at night but want to add something else in, as i'm getting a few tiny bumps under the skin. I've always had great results when i used Paula's Choice 2% BHA in combination with something. Should I add this in or should I use a combined AHA/BHA to exfoliate? If so which one? Thanks
  9. Hey everyone, I came off accutane about 7 months ago. I've been getting a few more spots than I really want now. I maybe get 3 or 4 every week. I was wondering if doing the Obagi Nu-derm system would be a good thing for me? I don't want to go overkill but I want to prevent the acne from returning. My skin is pretty good at the moment. Could I just skip the actual system and just do the Obagi maintenance regimen? The only reason I mention Obagi is that my dermatologist recommended it to me ages a
  10. I took around 3-4 months to see any sort of improvement in my case. Some people just take longer. I was desperate for clear skin so I just continued with it. Its worth it in the end and does work in most cases. Stick with it if you can! :D
  11. From my experience accutane is definitely not a cure. It did reduce the severity of my acne, to a point where it is treatable with creams etc. Although I am now clear I still have to use retin-a cream at night otherwise my acne will come back. It also takes a long time for some people to respond to accutane. Although some people are lucky and find it does indeed clear them up 100% for a long, long time. I was not as lucky, but i'm thankful for what accutane has done for me. If you are seeing g
  12. If you have tried a lot of things then they will likely give you accutane if its persistent acne. I went private in the UK as well. I had to wait a few days to get accutane after my blood tests were done. It only took a few days. If your private everything will be done super quick.
  13. Yeah wait about a month after taking it for your skin to heal properly. Then you can use an AHA. I used Paula's Choice 2% BHA found at: http://www.paulaschoice.com/product/two-pe...-aha-exfoliants I didn't have much success with AHA's at all before Accutane so didn't bother with them. For me BHA's worked best.
  14. My dermatologist told me to stop taking minocycline before starting accutane and wait around one month before starting them accutane. Its because if you take accutane with minocycline there may be an increased risk of intracranial hypertenstion (pressure in the brain). So I waited.
  15. It took my whole course plus another month, to get 100% clear. So it took about 6 months in total. My acne was not severe but accutane made it 100 times worse when taking it. My cumulative dose was 150mg/kg. It was 110% worth it though. My skin has been pretty clear for 6 months now.