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  1. @Valerie44 @Chae1990 I need to point out that black salve and drawing salve are NOT the same thing and should not be used interchangeably. Black salve is extremely corrosive and dangerous, and it is not the same thing as drawing salve. PRID is a safe, homeopathic balm. Black salve is designed to burn and destroy tissue. It's a fake melanoma cure that's put a lot of people in the hospital, and it really shouldn't be used by anyone. PRID drawing salve can definitely be really helpful for pimpl
  2. I've made a gallery with just pictures of one section of my cheek so that it's easier for you to see the change over time:
  3. Here are some pictures before my laser treatment, during the healing process, and after. I have so far completed the first of three laser peels to be done approximately one month apart. Only posting pictures of one section of skin so that it's easier for you to see specific results.
  4. So it's not four days after I got my laser. The rest of the dead skin came off yesterday while doing the vinegar soaks and applying Vaseline. The skin where my face has the most movement (chin/mouth mostly) is where skin started coming off two days after the laser, and then the jaw and forehead where there is less movement two days after the laser. The areas where skin came off later is less sensitive now, the areas where skin came off sooner is a bit more sensitive/itchy/dry now. So don't rush
  5. Yep, all of the skin has "peeled" off within a few days of the laser... more like globbed off on my fingers while spreading on the Vaseline. Can't use Aquaphor because I'm allergic. Looks better today now that all the rough dead stuff has come off, about to post more pictures. I've devoted four whole days to taking really good, gentle care of my skin and staying indoors with the blinds closed. Yes, I am going for two more laser peels, total of three, about a month apart each. It's difficult
  6. Morning of third day after laser. Finding it difficult to keep skin clean because whenever I apply the vaseline, globs of skin start rolling off and sticking to my face. So I wipe/dab my face gently with a damp washcloth to get rid of the bits of detached skin, then reapply the vaseline, and more skin comes off and sticks to my face. So there's been a lot of gentle applying and re-applying. Very mild itching on the cheeks, a few whiteheads, probably because of all the petroleum that's been sit
  7. On the care instructions I received from the clinic they mentioned that I can use either Vaseline or Aquaphor. I am using Vaseline because I am allergic to an ingredient in Aquaphor. Seems to be working fine, does the job at keeping the skin moist and protected. Looking forward to using regular moisturizer again in a few days.
  8. It's now Saturday afternoon, two days after my appointment, which was on Thursday afternoon. There is absolutely no burning sensation today, my skin is just feeling extremely dry -- I need to apply more vaseline than before -- and a little itchy, especially in the areas where my skin tends to be more delicate/sensitive. While doing my water/vinegar soaks and applying the vaseline every few hours, bits of rubbery dead skin are coming off on my fingers and the cloth, especially around my mouth and
  9. I really didn't remove all of it, I wiped away the excess -- my skin was still very moist, just not as globby. Almost impossible to remove petroleum jelly without soap anyway. Didn't want a big glob of my face jelly to fall into someone's coffee on the subway, kinda like that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire... Next time I'm just going to leave it on and pay for a cab though, I smelled very burnt and that's not pleasant for the people around me on a crowded the subway regardless of how presentable I ca
  10. It's my first day after the procedure, about 20 hours following the appointment. I have been soaking my face with the vinegar/water mixture every few hours and reapplying vaseline. When I soak with the cloth, I only press and dab gently, I don't wipe my skin with it, I am being extremely gentle. Looking forward to washing my face with soap in a few days. The burning feeling is pretty much gone. My skin is a bit sore when I smile but hardly at all, not very tight, doesn't seem to be swelling a
  11. It's helpful.

    This worked pretty nicely. For the price, it may or may not be worthwhile. Didn't have any negative side effects, wasn't very drying, did seem reduce pimples/clogged pores. Doesn't leave any weird residue on skin. I only purchased it once. Have been using products from Skoah since then which are about the same price and equally effective but last much, much longer. If I hadn't found Skoah I would probably have repurchased the Help Me. It's a good product. It's not a cure-all but it really does h
  12. I will, thank you. Want to be very careful about this.
  13. Works in theory, not in practice.

    I've used tape on my skin a few times to try to lift off dead skin, and it does lift of dead skin, and hairs -- you can see it on the tape -- but the residue that the glue leaves on your skin is not good. I find this to be more irritating for the skin than anything else. There are better ways to go about this that doesn't leave residual chemicals or irritate the hair follicles.
  14. kennifer

    I like it, but...

    I like it, but...

    I can't honestly say that it ever improved my acne. I guess it depends on what's causing your acne. I'm one of those people who loves the smell of tea tree oil for some reason, and I believe its benefits to the skin when I read them on paper -- it makes sense. I mix a few drops of this into the hemp oil that I use on my skin as an overnight moisturizer because I think it helps to counter the oiliness of the... oil. Tea Tree Oil is one of those things that I've used on and off for about 10 years,
  15. kennifer



    Have tried this a few times over the years. It's cheap so maybe it's worth trying for you but my skin didn't respond to it at all, by any method of application, except just getting a little pink. If my skin is itchy for some reason I'll soak in a tub with some baking soda and epsom salts but it never helped my acne. The only reason I'd recommend it is because it does help with my itchy legs when I throw some in a bath, so I'm sure there are possibly benefits with other skin issues, and it's prob