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  1. Joey521

    Really oily

    Really oily

    Love the product but if you have oily skin it's not for you
  2. Joey521

    As advertised

    As advertised

    Purchased this a couple weeks ago, I sleep with my dog so I was kinda concerned there was bacteria on my pillowcase. Works great definetly has helped control my acne !
  3. Made me breakout

    Smelled great but I left it on overnight and woke up with 3 pimples in the same spot I applied the cream.
  4. Joey521

    Great product

    Great product

    I love right by a lush cosmetics. It may seem expensive but I swear they have such great organic products A+
  5. Terrific for new users

    Works on problem pimples pretty well. But like every product like this my face because immune after a couple weeks