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  1. Oh and I forgot to mention, you may or may not have those periods, this is how it goes for me. There is 2-3 I get almost nothing, sometimes even a week and then I get several to a dozen of those and then they disappear fast without a trace and so on, but besides the red marks, your face will still look great maybe not super perfect but great And as for me, I just got a small reddish on my forehead and like teeny reddish ones too, I just came home and saw them and I ain't panicking, because I
  2. DMBsDreamGrl please don't panic! I understand we read this forum and we see people relapsing like in a month or 2. That can happen but is rare! Accutane for more then 85% who use it it's good for at least a year or more. So be cool I had the same thing happening to me. So read this up good. During the last 2 weeks of tane I tappered my dose down just for the hell of it from 60mg to 40mg a day and saw several small outbreaks on shoulders and neck and a few on my face and on my forehead I develo
  3. When it comes to relapse they say your cumulativde dose matters, gender, age, skin type, type of acne etc. I could list a page but in the end....It really depends on the person.
  4. Yes, I have exactly what you have. Those are invisible type pimples! They are completely normal. And yes just like somebody said here take a look at people who you think have clear skin, you can see some strays of very tiny pimples and yes accutane many times just makes your acne invisible what I mean is somebody needs to come really close to your face and thouroughly examine it to see something.
  5. If that's true so how come there is men in their mid 20s or even 30s (although rare) and still have acne. I'm sure their hormones have been long settled by then. Sometimes acne can just go on despite your hormones.
  6. That's what I mean, accutane usually just buys us time to outgrow acne since wherever you read all accutane does is give you long-term remission. But other places it also says that there is a 35-38% cure after one course of acctuane and 70% chance of long-term remission so this means for some people it doesn't give them time to outgrow acne but a direct cure.
  7. As we all know accutane puts acne into remission for months or many years. Sure some people it cures them and the cure comes straight from the drug but for many people, it buys them time to outgrow acne, and then they say "Accutane cured me too" but in realty it was time for their acne to go away on its own. Isn't that really the case?
  8. I got the same shit even after several weeks now since being off accutane. But even when I was still on accutane, that's how far my acne actually cleared. How big are your pimples anyway. Mines are primarily on forehead and are very very small, you have to come to close to my face to see them but on the rest of my face they are microscopic.
  9. I have them mostly on my forehead, they are just very small whiteheads and a few are redheads, only noticeable if you come up close to my face.
  10. I know that, but I'm asking since I'm several weeks after finishing accutane I still see some very teeny pimples on my forehead and I have like a dozen throughout my whole face but all those pimples you have to come very close to see them, so basically accutane made me clear to the naked eye, is that normal, or shouldn't I even have that? This was my question. Since like you said it stops the acne process.
  11. I know everybody will still get a few occassional outbreaks even after accutane, but here's how accutane worked on me...All my acne is gone, besides the several red marks I have I'm clear but not crystal clear. If you come close to my face you will seem some very teeny pimples on my forehead, and several throughout on my face and sides. And every 8-10 days or so I get a small reddish or witish pimple but they rarely leave a mark. All accutane did is make my acne virtually invisible. Is that norm
  12. Me personally I never had one inflame but I was curious you know.
  13. If having them surgically removed them...will it make that spot look ugly, I really want all of my remaining red marks to fade from old acne. And did you say bigger??? Isn't stuff like that suppose to get smaller? Also what is the likelyhood for them to become inflamed? Pop them, how is that possible they are just solid masses!? Or did your inflame into a cyst?
  14. I finished accutane over a month ago and I have more then a dozen sebacaues cysts (i know i spelled it wrong lol) and where I had cysts, I have solid painless bumps under skin, you can only feel those if you run your finger over. One is very big though. I know accutane doesn't get rid of those since they are like skin trauma under your skin, but they do cause a threat? And do they go away in time or just get smaller but are permanent? I really don't mind them much there as long as they are not t