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  1. Also, it's VERY difficult to visualize clear skin when you're getting pitted scars on a daily basis. Even if the acne were to clear, those will remain as reminders. if acne can be caused by , digestive, hormonal and blood sugar problems , tell me why a healthy life style isn't going to help? a healthy life style is clearly shown to benefit each of those problems . also, "visualization" alone does not do much. rather, "Accurate thinking" is what fuels visualization. The "body" isn't me
  2. "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle" - Albert Einstein. (just keep this in mind for now) First of all I would like to thank "I am snow", for instilling in me the need to write this post. Posts like the one "I am snow"wrote ( Mind over Acne) are what brings about "paradigm shifts". I began my search for clear skin pretty much like everyone else. Pretty much the same paradigm. Started out with an OTC benzoyl peroxide gel. A swanky face wash. Almost immediately the effects we
  3. how the fcuk does seeing something like this make someone feel comfortable?!!!
  4. dude..this is so ****in cool...damn..i wanna catch the next flight to korea!!!!!!!!
  5. msm??..i think its the abbreviation 4 "men having sex with men"..yep..common name---GAYS!!.. Ive seen a couple of health sites where docs refer to male homos with msm..
  6. oh for pete's sake! it is silly posts like this that makes people with acne even more paranoid than we already are. i love how you think you are more qualified than our doctors and GPS to support a statement like antibiotics will kill you (in your original post). im sorry you've had these problems, i really am, but stop scaring off people like me, and others just starting an antibiotics treatment, from trying out something which can potentially clear us of acne! Muchos Liebe Walking City
  7. hi.. id love to use the topicals we have..but its always itchy ecspecially the rerinoids..ive tried differin..and isotretinoin(topical gel)..but they just make me itch so much..id rather have acne..so ive been on oral meds for a while..recently was on doxy for a month ..it cleared me real good..so derm made me come off it ..asked me to take azithromycin for 4 days ..then take it once a week for 2 monce...things were good..until i saw another derm who asked me to use a topical retinoid(still no a
  8. thnx comeback kid...im lowering my doxy dose..i take 50 mg 2wice a day and apply bp in the night...thing is these antibiotics work rather quickly for me..they actually give me clear skin in about 2 to 3 days..i break out mainly on the sides of my nose...i get to meet the derm in bout a months time...i think the reason antibiotics are used for acne is to just clear acne and inflammations related rather quickly ..which u then supplement with topicals...some pple stay on them for a while get clear
  9. I was concerned about being on doxy for an indefinite amount of time. At the beginning of this past summer, my doc put me on doxy 20 mg 2x per day. My acne cleared up a little bit, but toward the end of the summer, I stopped taking it in fear that taking an antibiotic for too long would screw up my body's flora. Over the course of the following few months, my acne flared up again, and I went back to the doc. He strongly suggested I went back on doxy and assured me that being on such a low dosage
  10. hi ive been using doxy for a week..im clear now..wanna get off it..people say its not good to get off it immediately..rather u wean urself of it...i have mild acne.. wat wud be best way to get off it?..also i plan to use bp for maintanence..
  11. yeah also u will develop a resistance to clindamycin after a while..in my case about a year and a half i think..but with the mixture..as in benzaclin..resistance takes longer..
  12. can u stay on an antibiotic pill on a long term basis..or indefinitely??..i have mild acne and my face is lookin the best when im on an antibiotic...i was on tetracycline for a while (6 monce)..and i kept decresing the intake..like i initially took 2 500mg pills a day..then switched to one pill a day..then used a 250mg pill..was clear the whole while..but once i stopped ..i would break again..though mild..then i met a derm who put me on mino inspite of tellin me my acne was mild!!..he asked me t
  13. gr8 post..my dad dosent give a shit bout my acne..he tells me that i am obsessing over my acne coz ..i've been spoilt and pampered all my life!!!..(thats wat he thinks )..he tells me that if i were a kid who wasnt from a family that's well off..i wudnt be givin a damn bout acne..my dad didnt give a shit bout it though..and he's a succesful person..really social..so he keeps tellin me ..to just forget bout it..he goes mad if i tell him i wanna visit a derm..for him somethin like acne is so damn