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  1. omg okay thank you for this!! i used my fingertips with water every couple weeks but the dry skin came back quicker each time, ill try doing it every day then. how long did you do this for before the dry flaky skin subsided??? and yeah ive been under a lot of stress these past few weeks and this on top doesn't help so ill try my best to calm down ahh. thank you again!!!
  2. So as you may have seen from earlier posts, I attempted the caveman regimen after coming off of benzoyl peroxide as a way of detoxing the damage that the chemical caused to my skin. My skin was very very very oily as a result of using BP, so I thought I'd give the caveman regimen a try as I'd heard of it helping oily skin. So that was nearly 3 months ago. About 2 months in, I discovered the oiliness had subsided but now completely. Although my skin had almost completely cleared of acne itself,
  3. SO as you may see from earlier posts, i went through with the caveman regimen. i went two months, one without washing, another using just water a few times a week and this really helped my skin recover from a months use of bp. i realised my skin was getting flaky often so i thought "ok this is the dead skin mask again this is normal i can just exfoliate this" which i did. then again a few days later. then again afew less days later. then eventually i had to do it two days in a row. my skin is so
  4. i was on it in april-may time, and it cleared my skin up immensely! yeah that sounds good and all, but it only meant my skin became dependent on it, and that became a huge problem when my skin started becoming excessively oily, to which if i stopped bp, i had a severe breakout, and i know im not the only one. it took month of a severe breakout and another month to clear up even slightly, and my skin still isnt right so just a warning. it clears up current breakouts but makes future ones far far
  5. youre literally exactly the same as me!! im 16 and have mild acne, and bp worked like a charm showing results within a week but it caused long term damage so i wouldnt use it for too long as the acne can come back worse after you stop and its a pain, trust me (not to scare you, just warning). however, you are supposed to use a moisturizer half an hour after application of bp (apply it too soon after and it can burn) and there shouldnt be too much problem, thats how you usually keep the dryness m
  6. hi i know i havent posted here much but i feel like posting about it jinxes things yk? also it doesnt seem like anyone is reading anymore but hey ho. anyway, its day 40 since i started the caveman regimen and im happier with my skin. redness is definitely fading and active pimples that do appear are very small and go away easily and im finally seeing my natural complexion again, im so stoked! im not sure whether its down to the not washing, or the fact ive only been drinking purified water or w
  7. 2 weeks post-breakdown - i used cool water and my fingers to gently rub off dead skin that was building up on my face again and it looks red and raw again but i know that improves. it doesnt look much better, in fact i think it slowly got worse but thats in terms of clogged pores? like, theres less breakouts where its active pimples, its more that my skin texture is very bumpy all over and still very oily idk. ive also decided to stop taking the pill as it only caused hormonal acne, terrible moo
  8. hi i just wanted to say that the 2nd august would be day 30 of the no wash regimen. however, i exfoliated the dead skin earlier than i was meant to (day 22) and it did look nasty at first. BUT, a week later i still havent used anything on my skin. instead ive been splashing my face with warm - cool water every few days (days that i shower) and so far its clearing up. rather than a rough texture i can see natural skin texture coming through. dead skin is building up again but on the 2nd i will e
  9. yep! i took this two days after i took the dead skin off, slightly blurry n bad lighting but u see what i mean! you can also see the oiliness that still is
  10. update: day 22 i caved in and exfoliated the dead layer with a washcloth, i couldnt bare how gross i felt. i had a breakdown because of how red and nasty it looked underneath, theres so many blocked pores and red bumps but by the morning it wasnt as red and looks better than before i exfoliated anyway, with still some dry skin i couldnt get off yet. im gonna go another few weeks without washing but splashing w water every few days maybe. BUT my skin underneath is still excessively oily? like bef
  11. thank you! and yeah ive thought about that, but seeing as my skin only seemingly got worse earlier this year after using the wrong products (aka a harsh cleanser i bought online that wrecked my skin/caused infection which i then used bp to sort out and stopped bp cold turkey) im going to blame that, at least for the most part. i dont remember a time when i was using topicals/makeup and didnt have acne, so im just hoping. im also taking lymecycline and microgynon 30 at the same time (as i am a te
  12. week 3 - 9 more days until this part is over! the dead skin mask is only noticeable when looking up close. for 4 days i went without looking in a proper mirror (the mirrors in my room are currently plastered in posters bc of this) and by the time i looked yesterday, its definitely improved if even a little. small red bumps like there were before are spreading on the other side of my face where i said it was clear, so im not sure what that is? i read it might still be a detox period according t
  13. yeah it sounds like youve irritated your skin more with products everyday, in which case this regimen could work for you! good luck
  14. okay so day 14 - still not too much to report. my skin definitely looks clearer than it did though. the only problem now is the redness around the right edge of my face and cheeks which im not sure what they are. ive heard about a breakout at around week 2 of this regimen, but i have yet to experience that - the only breakouts im getting are from my period. i got one painful lump in the crease of my chin two days ago, but by today its gone completely. otherwise it would have grown bigger and m
  15. thank you! and yeah same here, my skin is horrendous just before my period, it almost makes my period feel like a relief bc i know its just because of that and nothing im doing wrong. and yeah, for a little bit i did panic and break down and think i was developing/had developed seborrheic dermatitis or something like that from how oily my skin was, but i discovered that its normal for your skin to be itchy and feel like sandpaper at first, which is what the rash-like symptoms i was experiencing