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  1. I had a checkup with the derm yesterday and he prescribed Solodyn Antibiotics - Minocycline HCI, USP Extended Release Tablets) 55mg. They also injected most of my new cysts and one old one. (I got 2 new really painful cysts the other day!! Why??) Two of the injected cysts are almost flat today, a few others are still inflamed. I sprouted a huge one literally only 5 hours after my appointment yesterday and I was so mad!!
  2. Hi Wellabys! My peel went really well, I had a mild peel and my aesthetition was so amazing and patient. It was only a little uncomfortable and stung a bit during some of the time, but mostly it didn't feel any worse than putting most acne products on sensitive skin. I wrote about it on my main log, here's a copy and paste of that entry:
  3. It has been 16 days since my chemical peel. Here's a rundown of events: Initially my skin didn't look much different. Then after the emergency flare up above, I started using my products again which initiated some peeling. I peeled for about 3 days. The next week (1 week after my peel/1 week ago from today) I had only ONE (1!!!) cyst that was healing and no others. I was so excited and thought I had been cured. This lasted for 48 blissful hours Now (about a week after that) I have one huge cyst
  4. I got my first chemical peel on Monday! The peel itself was only mildly uncomfortable. My aesthetician was amazing, she's a friend of a friend. She did what felt like a TON of extractions. She even put some mineral powder over the layers of balms and sunscreen that she put on my face post-peel so I could go back to work. Here's how the last couple of days have gone: Monday, woke up and my skin was glowy probably from having been relaxing and camping all weekend. Monday afternoon, post-peel, my
  5. Update: thankfully the lump underneath has reduced in size. I had a chemical peel last week and she did a lot of extractions, I'm not sure if that was one of them but it seems to be getting better. I learned my lesson! I'll let my aesthetician do my extractions from now on.
  6. Thanks everyone! The scab is totally healed now but it still has a hard lump underneath like a healing cyst. It also still looks red/pink like the skin is still healing I haven't been putting anything special on it for the last few days, just my normal acne stuff. I'm getting a peel on Monday, I hope it helps/doesn't make it worse.
  7. Hi Everyone, I finally broke down and went to a new dermatologist last week. He prescribed Aczone, Tazorac and Sulfacleanse. His aesthetician (who I know personally) said a chemical peel would also help. I'm aiming to rid myself of both active acne and specifically dark scars/hyperpigmentation. I haven't started the Aczone or Sulfacleanse yet, I've used the Tazorac every other night since my appointment last thursday (3 times so far). I am wondering what I should expect from my first chemical
  8. The pink lotion isn't meant for blackheads, it is meant for active pimples. The Mario Badescu Silver Powder is the one meant for blackheads. Hope this helps!
  9. Update: I went to the dermatologist (PA) today and he prescribed: Tazorac .1% Aczone 5% Sulfacleanse Wash for face & back He said I can keep up what I'm already doing and add these in, so instead of using Pan Oxyl morning and night, I would use it once per day and use the Sulfacleanse the other time. Tazorac has to be alternated with my other topicals, and used only every 3rd night to start. Aczone has to be used twice per day. They are all mail order, so I have to wait a few days to g
  10. I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow, but wanted to share an update beforehand: My topical regimen hasn't changed: PanOxyl 4% BP Face Wash - morning and night Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - night only to spot treat incoming and existing breakouts Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion - morning and night Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Treatment - morning and night Neosporin, occasionally only on healing scabs The lotion linked above - morning and night An Olay Spinbrush - morning and nig
  11. Thanks! I'm going to a derm tomorrow so I'll mention it. The whole scab fell off of that part that I squeezed, but now it is swollen like a cyst but not as painful as a cyst. I think I ruined my skin?? Kidding, but it feels like it right now.
  12. Ah ok Garden of Life is a pretty solid brand, so hopefully it continues to work for ya! If you feel like changing it up, i'd definitely check out Dr.Ohhiras probiotic. I really noticed a difference and has amazing reviews on iherb. I use manuka honey morning and night as a normal cleanser. I try to leave it on my face for as long as possible while I'm brushing my teeth or flossing, then I jump in the shower to rinse off real quick. Every other day I use a mask for 1-3 hours, but this is mostly
  13. Hi Leelowe1! Thanks for replying to my thread I have since quit coconut oil and am using this moisturizer instead. It has spf 15 in it too which I was told will help avoid further pigmentation. I definitely don't want to be on antibiotics - I don't want to deal with that! I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle - I am gluten free and rarely eat dairy (like sometimes I'll cook my eggs with butter, or have a slice of cheese, but I don't eat it on a regular basis anymore. I'm trying to completely cu
  14. Thanks for your comments! 1/2 of the scab fell off today, yay, but there was puss underneath - boo. Also, the whole area around it is swollen, even up to the area underneath my eye. Makes it look like I got punched in the face... lol. So I'm currently icing the area. But I have been keeping it clean, keeping Neosporin on it when I can and using aloe on my whole face. Seems to be working okay so far, I just hope this doesn't form an enormous cyst. It is pretty painful underneath and I can feel a
  15. Maybe this will be the time that I actually LEARN and stop squeezing! My face has finally stopped breaking out with these horrible huge cysts and two nights ago I thought it would be a good idea to try to extract a huge blackhead on my cheek. I typically cover the mirror with a piece of paper because one mirror in my bathroom is basically dubbed the "skin picking mirror" by my sister and I because you can get so close and see everything. We had guests staying at our house last week, so the mirro