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  1. It might clog pores, dunnno. Acne overall goes down.
  2. Ok, thanks alot.. I hope it heals atleast ive just been usinv vitamin E cream on it now I dont care if that makes me have more pimples i just want my skin back to normal....It's prety bad ime going to have to miss gym class today becuase it hurts to move my neck and shoulders
  3. It won't be permanent, don't worry. Don't put on anymore until your skin can heal, then restart again with less H&S.
  4. If you have a brown spot, you just gotta wait. I haven't gotten anything that bad. You can keep it pre mixed, too, sure, in a bottle. Why me, start out weak, go stronger. I vary the dosage day by day. You'll get the hang of it. Mfoley, I do, if I use full strength. Ouch.
  5. Thanks. Dan's Regimen has me basically clear. I just get a few now and then; this is one of them.
  6. Nope, I didn't. You mighta put too much on the first time around.
  7. Er...is it dead skin or not? IMO, if it's dead skin, you should try and get it off in a really gentle way, if it's at that stage where it peels if you don't moisturize. When I do is when I take my shower I use my hands just to rub my face VERY GENTLY, barely touching, to get the dead skin to come off. Works fine.
  8. Basically, your face should be dry when you put on the the BP, and dry when you moisturize. Otherwise nothing soaks into your face as well.
  9. I'd say they probably won't let ya. I know somebody who went through other basic military training and they basically take everything you braught and put it in a sack and give it back when you're done.
  10. Do you think you're actually allergic to BP or just sensitive? If your face is dried out already, it may be too harsh outright to put BP on already dried out skin. Let your face reach a fairly healthy dryness...this means not just putting on moisturizer, solving it temporarily, but not putting anything on your face drying for maybe a day or two. Once you've done that, put on a very slight amont of BP. BP is harsh at first, but if you ramp it up slowly you should be fine, unless you're actual
  11. Yeah...btw, this time I didn't pick at one of them, just to see what happened...and no pink spot this time!