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  1. Do I have broken capillaries ? How long will this discoloration take to fade ?
  2. Hey man thanks just keep applying honey turmeric mask for a month or two u will be fine and do some exercise so that blood reaches ur face and u sweat really bad .. like running or any other thing which makes ur face sweat .. hey man thanks, but do you see any other scars here besides hyperpigmentation ?
  3. Your skin looks great man, I've got some scar too man, tryna fix them, how bad does it look ?
  4. Hey glad to hear your results ,I too have some scars I wanna fix , what kind of scars these look like ?
  5. What kind of acne scars do I have and is it bad ? Will the discoloration fade ? how bad ?
  6. Hey ,thanks for the advice yeah I guess I am overreacting ,I'm sorry ,I'll do the derma stamping and derma rolling with the 1.0 roller and vit c serums ,or and btw from the darker picture, is my scarring deep or somewhat shallow ? Thank you guys and
  7. Thanks for the reply guys, this is my scars with a camera flash ,it doesn't look as bad but why does it look bad in the darker ,tinted lighting ? :
  8. This lighting makes my heart melt omg, everyone says I have smooth skin because they can't see the scars,it isn't that deep but that's how they look in the worst lighting ever, what can I do for these ? Don't say subcision or any other surgical methods please ,not happening ,it's those 4 boxcar, or rolling scar that kills me
  9. Hey guys ,I'm sorry ,but I'm just so self conscious still will dermarolling help, I've got some boxcar scars as you can see
  10. What kind of scarring are these ? Are they shallow ? Are they bad ,I plan on dermarolling
  11. Is my pitted scarring bad ? Are they shallow and will they improve with dermarolling btw it's still healing