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  1. Hey, My name is Matt and I'm 18 and have had moderate-severe acne throughout high school, just recently from january-now, i've had 4 smoothbeam treatments and some medication as well (benzaclin top gel). It's great to see the acne finally gone, pretty happy with results even though they were a bit expensive but now theres all the red marks left behind. I asked my derm if there was now anything to help with that and we scheduled another consultation, i got info that she would be using the Vbeam
  2. Hey, im 17 M Toronto and have had acne for about 2 years, started around 14 or 15. It's not severe but still nothing to be impressed about..i have tried many things but it either keeps coming back or the products never work in the first place the point im trying to get to is a lot of people suffer from low self esteem due to acne and from personal experiences, acne makes me anti-social..i have no idea how i make friends because i never walk about and begin convos with random people, and even wh