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  1. Thanks for your input EvaHonestly! i guess bp+high spf is the way to go,, and maybe a baseball cap.
  2. and it's going to be sunny. and since I live in cold dark sweden and am not at all used to a lot of sun I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations regarding the regimen should I even bring the bp? it says on the box that I shouldn't be getting to much sun while on it.. maybe only using it at night? also, I would prefer to not avoid the sun completely, don't want to come back as pale as I went so I guess I'm going to need a good sunscreen.. umm. what else should I think about? it
  3. oh, and another question; how do people deal with having to shower twice some days (after a workout or before a party,,) do you reapply all the stuff or just leave it off until bedtime? or just try to avoid washing your face (doesn't sound very smart after exercising,, i usually get quite sweaty) maybe the best thing to do would be to do all the running and stuff in the morning,,, but then I'd have to get up at 5. heh. hope I get some comments about this
  4. Thanks for you comments! I guess I'll go get some moisturizer ASAP.. It's funny that noone have recommended me to use a moisturizer before.. better late than never though
  5. Hi! I'm glad I found this site,, lots of useful information.. I read through the step-by-step guide and I think it sounds promising. So I'm considering trying it. I've already been using BP for quite a while, maybe 2 years.. It sort of works.. I'm almost never completely clear but things get seriously worse when I stop using it. I've been using 10% though, and not as much of it as recommended in the guide. But my skin never gets very dry or flaky anymore.. it used to, but I think it has adapt