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  1. Ya see the thing i'm wondering is if i grow a beard, and i dont wash that part of my face. then acne will most likely appear under my beard. So if that happens...then the acne will leave scarring later on right?
  2. Does anyone here have a beard or know anyone that has a beard that uses the regimen. I'm just curious about it because i'm so sick of having to shave so I was wondering if it really made a difference when washing your face. I guess it would just mean less areas where you would have to wash. Also, if i grow beard that would mean i wouldn't be washing those areas. Does that mean that that part of my face will be scarred if i dont wash it?
  3. Is it possible to send back Dan's products and get your money back if you realized that you don't need them. I started thinking, and people here are always telling me to do whatever works for me best...and i figured it out. only i just recently ordered some more of Dan's products. Can i send them back and get a refund or is it not possible? Thanks.
  4. yeah, but the problem is that the bp is basically stayng on your face all day, so even if you put your hair down during the day, it's touching your face. I have dark brown hair by the way, and since i've started the regimen, by hair hasn't been bleached. which would lead me to believe that if i grew my hair, it wouldn't bleach it. has anyone has a problem with this, if they have long hair?
  5. i noticed in pictures that some people have posted on this site that alot of people have long hair. I'm reffering specifically to guys here though. I want to grow my hair longer, but i'm afraid that if i do, the bp will bleach it. Is there any way to avoid this from happening? For the guys that have long hair...how does it not bleach your hair? Thanks
  6. I just started the regimen about a week ago, and i started with thr Curel moisturizer..so i haven't tried anything else yet...but i'll try the long strokes and see if that makes a difference. thanks.
  7. Yeah, tooshort knows what i'm talking about. I'm using Dan's bp...so like you guys said, it shouldn't leave behind that residue...i always wait 10-15 minutes before i move on to the next step...so i'm not really sure how to get rid of it.
  8. I have this problem with my moisturizer. Or at least i think it's my moisturizer. I've been on the CSR for a week now...and i really have no complaints with it s far. My face hasn't been red or itchy or even dry...my skin was used to bp before this though. I've just pretty much had a small breakout. However, it seems that everytime i wash my face...to do the regimen in the morning or evening...there seems so be stuff on my face that wont wash off...i think its just moisturizer that for some rea
  9. I know that Dan says that you can use the CSR cleanser as shaving cream, but i was just curious about other products. I use a Gillette Fusion to shave. i also use the shaving cream and after shave balm on my face afterwards. So i have two questions. is it ok if i still use the gillette shaving cream to shave? or is it better to use the CSR cleanser. Also, should i use the after shave balm or not. On the after shave balm, i know it has aloe and hydrating emolients. and i know that the gillette s
  10. I was using proactiv before this, and it just got too expensive so i switched to this.
  11. I finally got my CSR stuff in the mail. Wish me luck! I'll keep you guys up to date on the progress.
  12. Hey guys, i'm new here and i'm just a little worried about a few things. I've gone through the entire site, and i've checked everything over. I ordered Dan's CSR stuff a while ago...it should come this week. I know exactly what i'm supposed to do when i get the stuff..that's not a problem. However, i look at all the posts on these boards..and it's making me skeptical...because alot of people are saying it's not working. To give a little background on myself...i've had acne pretty much since i