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  1. my favourite exfoliator.

    i love this, have used it for a few years and although i can't say this has improved my skin (as i use several treatments at the same time) it certainly gives your skin a good scrubbing and leaves it feeling clean. i wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin but if you have tough skin like me then it is perfect. reasonably priced too - would always recommend.
  2. life changing stuff.

    this is a GAME CHANGER. i have used it on every single pimple for one year and whilst it doesn't prevent them from appearing (hormonal acne), it certainly helps in their disappearance! I will put a small amount on each pimple and leave it overnight. The layer of pink at the bottom of 10% Sulphur, and the clear liquid is alcohol. Dip a cotton bud in to the sulphur and when you pull it out the alcohol will cover it. Sulphur reduces the bacteria inside the skin an the alcohol dries the pimple out.
  3. Can I suggest buying a product from Sephora called 'EradiKate' by Kate Somerville. It's $24. This was recommended to me by one of the assistants in store and it has been an absolute game changer. It contains alcohol and sulphur which both fight the bacteria within the pimple and dry the pimple out. It's a spot treatment rather than a product to use all over the face, so use it sparingly. It comes in a little glass bottle. You can get the whole skin care set for $55 which consists of a daily clea