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  1. Hi All, I'm 43 and have had the usual acne for over 30 years,nothing has helped,been through the usual round of derms and meds,some things have worked for a short while but it always returns with a vengeance. In the last 6 months or so Ive been getting huge hard lumps on my face but massively on my back, my usual acne always had spots containing pus which went away after the spot had been popped. These lumps dont contain pus, they are just huge hard painful lumps which never completely go away,
  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you fatman, at last someone who can see that I am not out to make anything out of this, the retail price is what I stated it cost ME to purchase direct from the US, but if I knew it was gonna cause this, I wouldnt have bothered to offer them here, the overall price of £30 doesnt even come near the $194 I paid for shipping, but hey, no worries, I just thought someone in the UK might wanna try the product that Dan recommended because it didnt suit me personally. I wi
  3. Njacobs, if you were to read my post properly you will see that I am not selling anything to make a profit or as a commercial gain, I purchased items from the US and paid a huge amount for postage, but find that they dont suit my skin, I have seen many people ask if they can buy these products in the UK, so I just thought it might help out, hence the price, I have seen quite a few other posts on this site in different forums offering unused unwanted items for sale, without any backlash, could yo
  4. I have recently purchased bulk amounts of On the spot 2.5% from the US, and 4 large bottles of cetaphil cleanser 160z, I'm really not getting on with them, but know lots of people do, so therefore are offering them for resale in the UK , 4 16oz bottles of cetaphil @ $9.90 each 9 Neutrogena On the spot treatment tubes @$5.99 each I'll sell the lot for £30.00 o.n.o, we'll have to sort out the postage, please mail me at [email protected] if interested
  5. Oooops!! sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys, but we dont all "grow out" of acne, I'm 40 and it never left me, aww well I suppose I'll just have to wait for the menopause ...lol
  6. This topic is mainly for the girls here, but does anyone else have a problem with excess facial hair as well as acne due to an over production of testosterone? I know this is my problem as I was tested years ago due to infertility. Thing is over the years I have used many methods to remove the hair which is mainly male patterned (upper lip /chin area), electolysis, waxing, plucking, creams etc, which all seem to excacerbate the acne , and of course as the hairs become weaker they cant break thro
  7. Hi Ellly Yeh the $180 was just for the shipping alone, I'm not sure what service it is, but they call it the express service. I'm also concerned that I may have to pay a customs charge as i have been ripped off in the past this way. Apparantley the customs and excise are clamping down hard on goods exported from US . They open boxes with a US stamp on them, calculate the value of the goods contained and then hammer you with a ridiculous charge. last time I ordered some rare cd's I'd been after
  8. Well i didnt want to say anything untoward , what with me being the newest member here, but I did think it rather odd that if some one was doing something from a totally altruistic viewpoint then why charge (however small )to help others? It seems to me that Dan has done tremendous amounts probably with much financial cost to himself without expecting anything in return , other than to pass on his success story, Well Done Dan !
  9. Has anyone been able to purchase mandelic acid 10% in the UK or have used a safe reliable source from the US? thanks
  10. Firstly, thank you all for taking the time to reply. Miracleman, I did take a look at your site, and I do agree that all acne stems originally from within, and I accept that, but have recently undergone comprehensive liver/blood, kidney anmd stomach sreening and all results were negative for toxins, I realise that my problem is hormonal and have tried various contaceptive/hormonal preperations which resulted in me getting a blood clot, so that put a stop to that approach. I have taken 12 differ