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  1. I used to be able to eat walnuts and eggs and not breakout. I haven't had them in awhile and now eating them I'm breaking out. The question is will I continue to break out if I eat them or does my body have to get use to it again.
  2. What kind of acne did you have? Where was it on your face? Do you have any pics?
  3. I want to try spearmint tea but I've never seen any. Is it widely available? Where can I get it from? I've also heard that dandelion root tea is supposed to be good for acne.
  4. No one can really know to be honest. Is it helping you? If you can get it from food it is more ideal and it would be absorbed better and also have the companion nutrients.
  5. I've eliminated so many things that I can barely eat anything anymore. Right now I'm at a point where I can't even enjoy food and I'm so sick of everything I have to eat. I've seriously have had enough! I feel like my skin may have actually suffered from such a restrictive, low calorie diet. I know for sure I am not eating enough. On top of that, the restrictions are so stressful. At the same time, I feel like if I don't do something, then I will blame myself for the acne and the sca
  6. Despair. I long to feel what it feels like to have clear beautiful skin. To be able to go anywhere and to not be stopped from your face. How easy is it for those without skin problems?
  7. Did the supplements help a lot? Or was quitting the dairy, gluten etc enough?
  8. I don't really believe in all this topical stuff.
  9. What source of omega 3 is it? Also, does certain foods break you out? What type of acne did you have?
  10. This makes me sad. However, I did like one thing you said: the only therapy I need is for my acne to go away
  11. If I could snap my fingers and have clear skin, no I wouldn't still feel this way. Its more of if im stuck this way or worse then I don't know how I'll cope. Acne and scarring has held me back from everything.
  12. Starting this again. I've managed to successfully avoid panic attacks by eating fruit/drinking orange juice. It seems the baths were lowering my sugar. I did epsom salt today. Going to try to alternate with sea salt and epsom salt.