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  1. How long does it take to recover to the point where you can actually walk in public? How long should a person take off of work ? I'd like to get dermabrasion done but am not sure if i can get work off. I live in Utah and i checked around and found someone that can do it for $2,000 does that sound like a good price?
  2. how long is recovery time? How long would i have to take off of work if i were to get dermabrasion done?
  3. What do you mean by the egg white/lemon mask? I'm confused on this do you mix it in a blender and out comes something you put on your face hehe im sorry im just really lost on this
  4. Anyone from the salt lake city area that knows of any good doctors that do dermabrasion? or any other scarring treaments.
  5. Accutane works for some people and not others. I think if its possible try and find another way of clearing your skin. But accutane does work wonders for most. For me it worked alright i guess. But it did mess with my life for a bit. I skipped school and failed classes and now i have severe scarring. Just depends on the person.
  6. im currently doing smoothbeam not sure if its working much. Im just looking for other treatments that may help.
  7. Honestly if you do those two things your scars would be almost gone completely? Because im in the same boat as this guy in terms of scars and the placement of them, all mine are on my cheeks, except mine are much deeper. Im not sure what a filler is but i do know dermabrasion. Can someone clue me in on this filler thing. thanks
  8. I'm about a week away from beginning my 3rd smoothbeam treatment. I think my scars have become deeper since ive started. Maybe its just my imagination but i honestly think they are deeper then before its tough to tell though. Does smoothbeam in some cases make scarring worse before it gets better? I was on accutane for 4 months, Feb 1 was my last pill am i ok to do smoothbeam or was it a bit premature to jump into smoothbeam as quick as i did? i waited the min. 6 months
  9. I just went in for my 2nd treatment yesterday i woke up with about 4 very small water blisters, im not too worried about them because they are hardly noticeable. How long does it take for these to go away? And also is 10.5 setting on your 2nd treatment seem right or is it too high or too low just curious
  10. I got off accutane feb 1. so am is it safe to do smoothbeam now?
  11. How would you know when a good time for smoothbeam is after accutane. Is there a way of testing your skin to see if its strong enough? I'm very confused now. I hear 6 months i hear 1 year , im just so sick of scars im ready to go for it now but i dont want any further scarring.
  12. I live in Utah, and i found a doctor that offers 6 treatments for $550. So i decided to jump on that i have my first treatment on tuesday. The doc said i could go 2 weeks in between treatments is that safe or should i go a full month? Im feeling kind of nervous because i dont want anything to go wrong like cause more scarring or get tons of blisters. I was on accutane 6 months ago and some say its best to wait 1 year before scar treatments but im going to chance it and do it now i hope it works
  13. I finished accutane about a week ago, i have redmarks and i was wondering if it would be safe to do mandelic acid now or do i have to wait 6 months? Would this stuff work on me considering im fair skinned? I read somewhere its meant for darker skinned people im not sure though.
  14. Can someone explain to me what exactly b5 is and what does it do?