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  1. I have had one in my ear in my nose on my ass and on the higher region of my crotch area, after I shaved it once.
  2. I swim during winter a lot more than the rest of the year though, so it's hard to tell.
  3. It also happens REAL REAL fast if you use bleach and REAL REAL REAL fast if you use yellow paint [but it doesn't last as long]
  4. Well, Dan, What if her face is really really small, but she has huge hands? Exactly.
  5. Alright, first the advice. I am sick of the order of the posts here. For instance, here are a few things that bother me. 1. How people post the same thing over and over again without realizing it. i.e. here could be one topic: "Help! Redness?" and below that: "Look InsiIde" [note the typo] and following that: "Holy Crap Holy Crap" [note the lack of detail in title] Now, in my scenario, all of those would be about redness, yet the person who posted
  6. The first post came on Thursday. It's sunday. What happened? Did it work or no?
  7. Maybe. I'm on about 30 Mg a day now, just started about 10 min. ago. We'll see how it works! Time to apply lotion. Later.
  8. I'm on swim team. You think tight underwear is bad......
  9. Yeah, I've been there. I am going on it and should get my first dose monday, I hope. I wanna get over the first bad breakout before winter break is over. So I can look ok for school. Here's some problems: 1. This stuff causes serious dryness. That's the biggest side-effect/problem and it also leads to bloody noses and chapped lips, etc. But I swim, so it's like super de duper dry! So we shall see how that pans out. 2. There are some baaaaad side effects. For instance, not being able to see a