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  1. I've been battling my back acne for about two years now. I didn't pay much attention to it for a long time, because my face looked like a pizza. Now I've gained control over the acne on my face, which is perfectly clear now. But my back acne and chest acne bother me A LOT. I read that some people here have had success with oxy shower gel. My problem is that i live in Norway, and we have extremely few acne washes here. So where can i get this shower gel on the web? I don't think drigstore.com shi
  2. Bruker klart mest BP fra nesen og nedover, problemområdet har først og fremst vært haka. Bruker litt i panna og på hvert kinn i tillegg, men vet strengt tatt ikke hvor nødvendig det er. Bruker omtrent en fingerlengde fra nesa og nedover. Og altså ingenting om morgenen. Får en kvise her og der iblant, men ingenting mot det jeg pleide å få. Det gir en helt annen selvtillit og ikke ha stort flere kviser enn de personene rundt der! Lykke til!
  3. Spot Control er en fuktighetskrem spesielt laget for uren hud som gir antibakteriell beskyttelse, beskyttelse mot UVB-stråler osv. Kjøper den ikke på apoteket, men på butikker som Vita, MAXI, parfymerier ol. Den har en veldig lett formulering og blokkerer ikke porene og føles behagelig og fin. Bruker purpose såpen som jeg bestilte sammen med on-the-spot, men akkurat denne såpa tror jeg ikke er så viktig...dette med antibakteriell osv er en liten bløff tror nå jeg.
  4. nei, bruker neutrogena spot control moisturiser som de selger mange steder i Norge. Huden ser bedre ut enn den har gjort på veldig lenge, har kanskje 2 små kviser i hele ansiktet, og de røde merkene har blitt kraftig redusert etter at jeg gikk ned til å bruke BP bare en gang daglig, og bare fuktighetskrem om morgenen. Pluss at jeg slipper tørrhet, rødhet og flassing!
  5. jeg er fra norge, jeg får sendt over neutrogena on-the-spot fra internationalpharmacy eller usamedcare. Får de cirka en uke etter bestlling. Jeg bruker det bare om kvelden før leggetid sammen med fuktighetskrem, og bare fuktighetskrem om morgenen. Huden ser bedre ut enn på LENGE.
  6. It's all your imagination!!! Hope I never run into someone with really severe acne, next thing I know I will be all covered...
  7. Hey, some of the people on this board with sensitive skin have tried applying BP ONLY nighttime, and just moisturise in the morning. I've been doing that for almost two weeks now, and my skin looks MUCH better. And not only that, I've gotten rid of the dryness/peeling/tight feeling. When I was doing the regimen as outlined, my skin would always clear up nicely within the first days, but then it eventually just got worse and worse and worse...no matter if I tried with less BP, the same th
  8. I decided to jump off the regimen about two weeks ago, since I couldn't stand the tight and dry feeling. What I've been doing for a week and a half now is: Morning: - Shower - Rinse with purpose cleansing bar - Shave every other day - No cold rinse - Pat dry - Moisturise after 5 minutes Evening: - Rinse with purpose cleansing bar - No cold rinse - Almost one fingerlenght of BP 2.5 % after 5 minutes - Moisturise one fingerlenght after 5 minutes I have like ONE tiny zit on my m
  9. You should take a look at the video and see how gentle Dan rubs in the BP. And not using any moisturiser? I hope you have leather skin! If I didn't moisturise, my skin would peel and be extremely tight and flaky. But my skin may be more sensitive than yours. Anyway, I think you should get one of the moisturisers Dan recommends, and at least moisturise in the morning. Personally, I wouldn't smear BP over non-affected areas, just your problem areas. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.
  10. I think you should definitely give the regimen a shot. But, you MUST replace your prescription BP 7 % with a less drying one, like the neutrogena on-the-spot 2.5 %. I tried the lemon juice in the boiled water for a week or so, made no difference for me as far as I could see. But it DOES soak up oil if that's bothering you. But I think that if it's hormonal acne, that won't help you. The lemon juice reduces certain toxins in your body, but won't be able to help you regulate your hormones. But
  11. It turns out; we are ALWAYS more aware and self consious about our skin than anyone else. I remember the time before i had acne, when i saw people with bad acne i noticed that they had an skin issue, but that's it. The next time i saw them i wouldn't even think about it. We always think the the first thing people will think of us when they meet us, is that "gosh what an ugly face on that dude/girl. I've learned that this isn't true at all. I even hooked up with this good looking girl this summer
  12. I wish you all the luck in your experiment, Dan! At the moment I'm only applying a small dosage of BP at night without any moisturiser, and just a little bit of moisturiser and no BP in the morning. This really seems to work for me. But when i was on the regimen, I always moisturised day and night, and that made my skin look much better compared to not using moisturiser at night. Not only did I not break out nearly as much, but my skin tone looked much healthier and I felt much more comfortable.
  13. The only good thing I can think of related to having acne must be that one day this will make us so much stronger mentally than all of them who never had to worry about their appearance. Just think about it, acne has messed up our looks, our confidence and basically our whole lifes, but in the end we've HAD TO FACE IT. We have gone out in public worrying what people will think of us because of our skin. In my case, I often hate the idea of seeing other people, I even hate going to the grocery s
  14. Erik, your name sounds somewhat scandinavian...if that's the case, how did you get the desitin?
  15. Thanks Gaz. I think I'll start your regimen later this week. I might apply slightly more BP than 1/4 finger, coz my skin is not THAT sensitive. But I'll keep you posted! P.S. What about showering in the morning? And after exercise?