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  1. I've been reading hundreds of entries on here, and was able to make some significant changes to my skincare routine as a result. But I still feel like I can make some improvements, especially regarding the appearance of my hyper pigmentation, and perhaps any active acne that is still present. Just some background: My skin is very oily, sensitive and now I seem to suffer from hormonal acne as I have mild PCOS symptoms (multiple cysts, non-existent period, acne). I took the pill (Juliet 35) a year
  2. I have severe hormonal acne, but it has calmed down considerably lately and now I noticing a lot of hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks and chin which closely resembles active acne. I'm currently just trying to conceal it with BB creams (which are meant to have whitening properties), but preferably I would also like to fade it properly. I've been prescribed and applying benzoyl peroxide nightly for at least 6 weeks now and it has improved the severity and inflammation of my acne, but i ordered AHA
  3. After several years of using over-the-counter products, prescription creams and topical antibiotics without lasting success, I have decided to abandon this approach. I looked closer at my acne, and suspected it was hormonal. After a visit to the endocrinologist, it was deduced that my acne is a potential symptom of PCOS. I am now taking the anti-androgen blocker 'cyproterone acetate' to combat high levels of testosterone and hopefully reduced my (daily) break outs. I am also taking zinc and om