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  1. for the cavemen regimen do you think it will still work if you wear sunscreen and occasionally makeup?
  2. Glad I'm not alone! I switched to cerave moisturizing cream which made my skin less dry but I think it broke me out. i'm back to using acne.org moisturizer but I'm breaking out a lot! 3 months and acne.org not working for me... I'll give it one more month than I quit. Thanks! By what month did your skin clear up?
  3. im on third month, my skin is breaking out worse than ever!
  4. follow my instagram @iz.acne.journey for updates on my skin and skincare routine!
  5. omg thank you for letting me know! i definitely will do more research. do you know any moisturizers that work as an alternative for it?
  6. hey everyone!! thanks for the comments, i appreciate them a lot! I now use the cerave moisturizing cream and it works wonders!!! My skin only occasionally gets dry and i'm so thankful! I now use BP only at night and although I'm breaking out a lot cheeks currently I'm not gonna give up. From everyones comments I can tell it just takes time & patience! Thanks!
  7. I've been using the regimen for two months and I don't know what to do anymore. Yes, my skin has been clearer since using it but I've about had it with dryness/flakiness/itching! My skin feels so scaly because its so dry and it itches and burns when using the regimen. I've tried not using BP twice a day but then I would break out! I use jojoba oil before using BP which helped for a dew days but then stopped working. I can't even wear my bb cream/tinted moisturizer because the dryness is so obvio
  8. I've tried the M&M's and they didn't help but I haven't tried the neck thing, thanks!! Also I'll keep that in mind but I really want to go on accutane!
  9. So basically I have a very annoying problem, no matter what tip/trick I seem to try I can't swallow pills. My throat closes up not allowing the pill to be swallowed and sometimes I start gagging. I was on doxycycline for about 3-4 months and I had to crush up the pill (I know not the best idea) but I eventually had to stop because it got very frustrating doing this!! I started getting acne in 4th grade and it got worse as time went on (I'm currently a senior in high school). I've been using reti
  10. Feel the same way, been struggling since fifth grade, now I'm a senior in high school and I'm still struggling. My acne only gets worse and it makes me feel so bad about myself and just depressed. I've tried everything and nothing has helped. Writing this to let you know that your not alone. Hoping your acne goes away soon!!
  11. Thank you so much for your response! Glad your skin is clearing up. I have tried many products with benzoyl peroxide with no luck but I definitely will look into the regimen and panoxyl!
  12. I feel the exact same way. Looking in the mirror is painful, and cleaning my face with my hands ss awful because all I can feel are the bumps. I hate my acne and how it makes me feel. I feel like its never going to end..
  13. "go to the drugstore and buy a face soap for acne"... like i don't already use a cleanser and a bunch of other products from dermatologist that don't help!!
  14. I've struggled with acne since about 5th grade and I'm currently a senior in high school. Nothing has ever seemed to work for me, and i've tried a lot!!! I hate my acne because it makes me feel so self conscious, and lonely. Nobody I know has bad acne so nobody understands when I talk about how much it sucks! My friends just say "its fine" when deep down its really hurting me. Looking in the mirror sometimes just makes me cry because how much my acne upsets me. I have tried loads of products and
  15. thank you for this. it was well needed. suffered with acne for multiple years and i have nobody in my life who i can relate too....
  16. Hi, About two months ago I started taking doxycycline! The only problem I had was I can't swallow pills. I usually just keep it in my mouth until I am finally able to swallow it or take it with food. I know this isn't the correct way but its the only way I can take it!!! No difference in my skin has really shown at all and I wonder if its because of the way I'm taking the pill? Should I just stop taking it? I also will add that I'm currently using retinae as well (which hasn't worked yet eithe
  17. I would say definitely try a new moisturizer, cetaphil or aveeno work well. Some people also say coconut oil works wonders as a moisturizer and it probably won't burn your skin. Also drink tons of water, this will help you a lot!!