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  1. Help... Does anyone know where I can pick up the Organic ACV that Moojamba recommended? I went to trader joes but no luck. Or if not that ASPALL brand, any equivalent? I'm in the LA/Orange County area so I can pick it up anywhere, just need to know what store. Thanks for your help guys/gals.........
  2. Ok then just to be clear, we're talking about 4 Tablespoons not Teaspoons daily right?
  3. Moojomba, I have had great success with your dippin method (thanks a million). I just have to stop doing two things. Constantly looking in the mirror and then pickin at 'em. Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid lookin in the mirror, I just can't stop. Been doing it for years and now that my face is improving, I stand infront of a mirror and can't pull myself away. Which means inevitably, I start picking at small ones that turn into BIG problems... 2 Final questions... 1. Does anyone ha
  4. Case. I'm a big believer in diet affecting acne as well. I'm really interested to see if you thought the B5 vitamin and you're diet could help someone who's main problem is not acne but ingrown hair on the face(although I still break out at times). I constantly have ingrown hairs on my face and after I remove them, it looks like the remnants of acne. So my question is this, will your regimen replenish skin quickly so it looks normal quickly? Where I remove any ingrown hair it first looks like a
  5. I bought it on Ebay on Tuesday and got it today Friday!!! Dami4n, I cannot view your pictures, are they available to everybody or do you have to give access? Please advise... Thanks in advance, Alex...
  6. Dami4n, Hey bro looks like your US link is not working anymore. Where can I get this from the US? Or even from the original website, I just find info on it not purchasing info (I don't care if I have to pay extra in the shipping costs from overseas, can you just provide the link?). Please advise...
  7. Hello all, Before I share the meanest thing I've ever heard let me prefice this by saying that during my HS days I had severe acne on most of my face. Large cysts and everything. So my HS days were not a good time for me I guess but what one teacher once told me still boggles the mind how someone could be so inconsiderate of another human being. I guess since not all people are cursed with acne they don't know the ramifications that words can do to someone especially at a young age like that.
  8. Jade 80, When did you start your regimen & how long before you saw results?
  9. Jade 80. I'm glad to hear your skin is looking great, that's what I like to hear. Not to be a pest or anything but wouldn't Apple Cider Vinegar be A.C.V ? I'm just pointing this out as to no confuse anyone with this acronym. Thanks, AL-X...
  10. Wuwut, How do you apply the vinegar method? What does your regimen consist of?
  11. Hello all... I've been on this treatment for about two weeks and I did get that initial breakout that everyone mentions. But it's since subsided, & I'm looking a lot better now my question is about the "red" marks that are being stubborn & not dissapearing. What does everyone think of the apple cider vinegar (ACV) method of removing the red marks? Any other ideas or methods for removing those stubborn redmarks (remnants/leftovers of a dried up pimple) are welcome... Thanks all...
  12. Is this the full name of the product? Herbal Logix Moisture Balance Lotion