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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm glad this video has caused such a heated discussion. I think it would be reckless to call this forum "holistic health" without addressing the mental aspect of healing. There is really no argument as to whether our beliefs affect our physiology. It is a scientific fact, and once again I will cite the well-documented placebo affect as proof. When you say "It's just placebo" you are saying exactly what Bruce Lipton is saying - Your beliefs have the ability to influence yo
  2. Hey MalboroMan, Thanks for taking palce in this discussion. It's good to have someone's input that seems to have a knowledge or physics. I am not here to get in an internet battle. I am here to better myself and hopefully help other people better themselves. I hope you can help me do that
  3. Hey guys, I'm glad some of you found this video worthwhile. I am not a scientist. I cannot prove or disprove any of the things that Bruce Lipton says. However, I personally feel that much of the information he presents makes sense and has been validated in my life through personal experience. I am also going to point out that if you believe science can explain the extremely complex organism that is our body, you have a lot of learning to do. Here are a few important points that the vi
  4. I found this video very fascinating. I suggest everyone watch both parts as they are extremely informative. It's interesting how much health is related to your thoughts. Bruce Liption Part 1 Bruce Lipton Part 2
  5. Dotty, You have to understand, people become quiet skeptical when you post a "I'm 100% clear because of ____" thread every other week. Especially when you discredit those threads a week later saying "I was actually only 80% clear." Maybe you should address the mental aspect of your holistic approach.
  6. I recently found out that I also have high levels of mercury after taking a DMSA challange test given to me by my osteopathic doctor. I will be removing my fillings shortly and starting a chelation process. From my understanding, my acne is caused by the extremely complex chain of events:
  7. It is also possible that you have a systematic candida infection or a generally weak immune system that prevents your body from killing the bacteria that causes acne fast enough. If I were you I would find a reliable naturopathic doctor and get a blood test and stool sample done to figure out if you have any vitamin deficiencies or bacterial infections. I give you this advice because the only thing that has only cleared me is antibiotics which I took off and on for a few years and also proba
  8. Hemp milk is probably the healthiest milk. It tastes great with whole grain cereal as well and has a pretty good amount of omega-3's and other healthy goodies.
  9. I had been on and off tetracycline for a few years and I recently did a stool sample which tested positive fore moderate candida as well as 8 other serious bacterial infections in my gut. My test results for good bacteria scored "18." Anything under "600" was considred low. I eat a very healthy diet (no simple carbs or sugars, green smoothies every day, only lean meats) but I still had candida. My naturopathic doctor is testing me for heavy metal intoxication because candida can be a sympt
  10. Sorry I've abandoned this thread, but I've been really busy lately. Aloe Vera isn't necessarily going to cure your acne but it can definitely help depending on what is causing your acne. I've recently discovered that I have candida overgrowth and a lack of good bacteria in my gut which is almost positively responsible for my acne. My naturopathic doctor has me on intense probiotics and I'm also taking Aloe Vera internally to help with digestion, killing the candida, and healing leaky gut th
  11. I've been using Hemp Protein recently and I like it alot. It is a very good choice because it is a complete protein and has beneficial fatty acids and a ton of fiber. I'm almost positive it also contains chlorophyll which is also very good for you.
  12. That was one hell of a post Danny. Someone should sticky it.
  13. First thing I found about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20-hydroxyecdysone
  14. kale, spinach, broccoli, onions, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, celery...