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  1. wow i tried it last night on this huge zit on my nose you know the ones that take a week or 2 to go away when i woke up and took it off its like 60% gone id say and the redness is almost all gone too wow
  2. so hows the apeel doing for you now? good results?
  3. so hows everyone goin on this? for me im almost done the whole tube i think its alright didnt have any amazing results but maybe a little fading of red marks i dunno
  4. wow i tried it last night and it works pretty awesome at reducing pimple size the next day wasnt really too harsh for me i have oily skin and been using bp for years
  5. well i wouldnt be raving too much about these products im on the exact same regimen as jade and id say the results for me are nowhere close to being drastic
  6. you should try adding apple cider vinegar to your regime as a toner it works good
  7. im doing exactly the same regimen as you jade cept i use apple cider vinegar+ few drops tea tree oil as toner ill post results later
  8. yep im sure i havent really noticed a difference yet how long did it take you to see results?
  9. thats why you get a sunscreen with uva-uvb protection i use total block cotz sunscreen spf58 against uva-uvb and contains titanium and zinc it also seems to lessen the appearance of scars http://www.totalblock.com/ got mine here
  10. this regimen im on right now is working great lately and decided to share it with you people mornings 1)cleanse face with C&C blackhead scrub and rinse 2)cleanse neutrogena acne wash clothes(you should really try these, it gets off much more dirt and oil than cream or foam cleansers and also has a side that exfoliates) 3)let skin dry and apply BP 4)apply clean and clear oil control moisturizer its very similar to some other regimens on here but i think the neutrogena wash clothes ma