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  1. I've never taken spiro but I've considered it at times. My skin is doing really well on Dans regimen right now, but it could also be the fact that I just started my 4th or 5th month on the generic Ortho Tri Cyclen, Trinessa. My skin got really bad at first, but I think my body is adjusting well finally. I've probably been on 5 or 10 different birth control pills in the last 6 years, for both acne and ovarian cysts. How has your body responded to bcp's? But yea I'd recommend having your blood t
  2. Enjoy, homies. Let me know what y'all think! ❤️ Ps sorry I just realized I kind of look like an alien lol please excuse the blue bug eyes and large forehead. I promise I'm a human!
  3. Waddup! Things are still going great on the regimen! Not too much has changed since last week. I only got one active pimple this whole week and I noticed it yesterday. It was so hard to notice because it's under my chin. Weird! Anyway, still breaking out a little in my back, but still an improvement from 2 weeks ago when it was overflowing with large, painful and itchy whiteheads. Gorgeous! I think my hormonal cycle has the most to do with that. I only use dans cleanser on my back usually when
  4. Yes!! Cera Ve rocks. I just read ur whole journey and just started the regimen myself almost 2 weeks ago. Within a few days my whole chin broke out in painful whiteheads. I also felt that Dans moisturizer just wasn't cutting it... Like you said, I was still super dry flaky and stinging all day. Literally within 48 hours of switching back to my old moisturizer (cera Ve lotion) my skin calmed down like 80%... Everyone on here, including you, is right that there is no one size fits all regimen for
  5. I've been on the regimen about 9 weeks and I substitute Dans cleanser and moisturizer w CeraVe (which you already use woo hoo) but his BP is the strong stuff. My skin still gets pretty dry from time to time. You really have to see how your skin reacts and adjust accordingly. Listen to your skin and don't try to fight what it's telling you. Don't be afraid to use less bp thanDan recommends. I use WAY less because my skin is dry and I live in a dry climate. But the regimen HAS worked for me. Give
  6. I'd cut back on the bp. This has happened to me before and I just reduce my application to once a day and BARELY put any on. Like a super tiny pea amount just lightly brushed on problem areas and that's it. Try at like 3 days before and see how it goes. If you're still flaky just go with moisturizer the day of and you should be fine. Personally I like Cerave moisturizing lotion more than Dans... It moisturizes better and soaks in really well. And it never breaks me out. Here's my blog experience
  7. Check out this loveliness. Hyperpigmentation never looked so good! This girl can GET it.
  8. So I'm attaching a pic in some different lighting than my sexy bathroom. Don't let the mood lighting and wet hair fool you. I am an acne sufferer! Regardless of the shitty photo, rest assured the regimen and Trinessa are still working their magic. I'm being an acne soldier and am disciplined as hell with it. That's why my progress has stuck! Hopeful that I'm not jinxing myself
  9. Hey there! The regimen is pretty great. I know, switching birth control is the worst. I've probably been on 10 different brands over the past 6 years because they all caused different side effects. But the trinessa seems to be kicking in for my skin, finally, after 4 months. And I don't have any other negative side effects so far. You definitely have to give it time, just like the regimen. The first month was hard. But stick with it and you'll see improvement. And like you I had some clear weeks
  10. I'm almost 9 weeks in and I've actually scaled back on my bp use a lot. The redness flakiness and cracking were too much even at this point. I'm using barely a pea size twice a day (sometimes only once a day) and I'm still seeing good results. Dry skin is irritated and vulnerable skin, which leads to breakouts for me. So contrary to what Dan says, for me sometimes less bp is more. I also use a TON of cerave moisturizing lotion. 2-3 times a day, sometimes before AND after my bp application.
  11. The 2 month mark is here! 8 weeks! This is a crucial milestone, people. A crossroad of sorts. This is the time I told myself I'd evaluate my progress and decide if I should continue... Well? What do you guys think? Is it worth sticking it out another month? Another 2 months? Forever?!?
  12. My experience is that you really dont go thru a kit every month, like they say. I've been on the regimen 2 months and have barely made a dent in my 8 oz bp. And 2 pumps of cleanser is excessive, imo. Although I use Cerave products instead of dans now (cleanser & moisturizer) I use his cleanser on my back and nothing else and it has helped me bacne a lot. Although I think what's helped it the most is my birth control.
  13. Don't lose hope! It's so hard to keep your eyes on the big picture and try not to fixate on how bad things are today. I've been there! If you find a routine that shows improvement after 8 weeks stick with it! You gotta stick thru the tough days in the beginning to make it to clearer days good luck and I'm rooting for you!!
  14. adfreak1991


    Hey there. I was on doxycycline on and off for a year and experienced what you did. I would clear up on it when I took it consistent, but when I'd try to wean myself off it, I'd break out. I was also using ziana and aczone. I finally went to my doctor and she blamed the birth control I was on so she switched me to a generic for ortho try cyclen. I also started using Dans BP with CeraVe products and it's been 7 weeks and I'm super happy w the results. I'll admit the first month was hard because I