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  1. My doc told me it takes 2 weeks to form and all that crap. You shouldnt put your lips on something someone else does unless she's a hot chick.
  2. ST

    Pics of me.

    You could have atleast shaved off the peach fuzz
  3. Eh that site is full of shit to a certain point. What you eat has ZERO to do with acne. ZERO so you can scratch that off your list. Water is great for your skin. That's all I've been drinking for the past 6 months (even tho I pee every 5 min) I usually wash my face once a day. Sometimes, twice. NEVER 3 I haven't used a cream or anything in about a month and my skin looks better then it ever has. The only thing I use is Aveeno soap http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...BUY-P
  4. I put some ice on it and it went down alot but its still hard.