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  1. Persa-gel isn't bad. Zapzyt is very good (if you can find it). PanOxyl is good as well. Persa-gel can be a bit tricky to work in though. No good for your face really... The latter two work fine on the face. 2.5% BP bounces off my face. I use 10% in the morning and night without moisturizer and I get no dryness whatsoever. I sometimes even wash a third time in the middle of the day. Damn oily skin that is...
  2. It's great. They make a SA gel with aloe and other stuff in it too, but they don't have it around here. I like the C&C though so I won't try switching. No reason to mess up a good thing.
  3. It's similar in that its salicylic and BP. It's different in that its much less abrasive, and the BP stays on all night and the SA stays on during the day. And it won't make your hair blonde! )
  4. I wish I did. I always shied (yes it is spelt like that) away from the camera before now.
  5. With my current regimen I have clear skin (see my other recent post). During the course of my improvement, I had stopped drinking caffeine. I had cleared up completely. However, I wondered if this was due to the caffeine lacking or the new regimen. For the past three weeks I've been drinking caffeine heavily. Three-four glasses of mountain dew a day. I'm permanently wired. The result? Absolutely -no- increase in acne. I'm still clear. I've been a pretty big caffeine drinker my whole life t
  6. I previously had moderate acne.. about 20-30 blemishes at any given time, especially with my forehead. I tried Retin-A, Dan's regimen, Botclha's, etc. The first two did nothing. Botchla's worked a bit, but the menthol irritated my face, and the washes bleached my hair (I have long hair). The scrub irritated it too.. but at least I got about half of it cleared up. Here's my current regimen. It's perfect for my face. No moisturizer needed (and I always needed it under Dan's). The skin exfoliate
  7. Well the thing is the wash mostly... washes off. A 10% gel on your face might be too rough. Just once per day then.
  8. Correct. In my case though 2.5% wasn't doing it.
  9. It does no damage to your nerves, but it will fry your liver.
  10. Start with a 2.5% creme, and work up to a 10% gel.
  11. Spicy food has crap to do with your skin. The only food I'd really avoid is anything with a lot of caffeine. It stimulates hormone production, and if you have hormone-related acne, it can make it worse. It also puts stress on your body in general.
  12. A 10% gel works much better than the 2.5% creme. I no longer use a moisturizer. I only use the gel on the bad parts of my face though after I use a 2% salicylic wash and a 10% BP wash on the rest.
  13. Now I just want to say that this is not a miracle cure, but it works well. Remember to do basic things like take multivitamins and such. I do NOT recommend massive B5 dosing because it CAN cause liver problems in SOME people. If you take over 2-3 grams a day, I'd recommended getting blood tested every so often. It does work, but its a hassle, and very expensive. If Dan's regimen just bounces off your skin like it did for me (my forehead was untouched, totally), try this. It's even more ag
  14. Hey everyone. My acne is steadily improving. Everything is clear now totally (yes!) except my forehead. That includes most of the red spots left over. I use a pretty rough regimen. It is not at all drying for me personally. I'd give it a shot unless you know you have super dry skin. Morning: While in the shower, I use the C&C Blackhead clearing scrub first, wash it off, and use the C&C Continuous Control Acne cleanser. Just Botchla's thing. I then get out of the shower and dry off