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  1. Hi I'm coming to an end of my low dose accutane treatment (1 year). In the middle of it I was completely clear and then it came back but mostly only around my mouth. Since I have little beard growth I shave daily or every 2nd day otherwise it looks stupid. And I'm always shaving with an electrical shaver. I used to shave just with water and since my acne came back a little around my mouth I started using shaving gel which improved my skin quite a bit. But still I get from time to time some whit
  2. Hi I try to stay away from milk at the moment, so I probably cannot take this? Or if yes, has anybody broken out because of this?
  3. thank you all..i'll try my best...I just have to get through this..I'm trying to focus on my education and sports in order to basically lay the foundation for a happy life..because as soon as my education is finished and I finally can work on my dream job I think everything will work out since due to the job I'll meet alot of new people..especially women so I just have to get pass this und forget all my past. About the counselor, that's a great idea but unfortunately I cannot go to one until the
  4. thank you for all your nice comments..it kind of cheers me up a little bit. but I had so many bad experiences with girls...I'm probably too nice I really don't know. So many girls I've asked out turned me down as soon as they sensed I want more than friendship. and smileygirl...I really have something I'm excited about, my job. I love it more than anything since I've never wanted anything else since I've been a kid. But I cannot enjoy it since something is just missing...missing for years now a
  5. from where do you know this stuff? It seems kind of logical but I still obviously didn't get it in real life ( and don't girls react maybe a bit hmm upset if you put one hand around their waist? and I just don't know what to do..a girl recently wrote me on facebook and we've met a couple of times. she was really into me but I kind of didn't make any move even though I 150% could have, which she told me later. Well then we didnd't saw each other for 2 weeks..I had to call it off twice. then she
  6. but where can I get help..I don't have any money at the moment at all
  7. I'm not looking to lay as many girls as possible..not at all. I don't want to become an asshole (as my friend behaves towards women..), I just want to have a girlfriend again...but I really did only have one date in the past 5 years! and if I write someone on facebook or poke them I hardly ever get any response. my friend almost always or he usually gets contacted by them on their own...I know I see myself wrong since I'm probably suffering from this bdd, but this seems like a confirmation to me
  8. thank you for all your comments..well It's not that I want to be like him..it's just that it's really always a dead end for me..there's always one thing that stops me from doing a step forward and getting more self confident. Even if he might exagerate a little bit, I saw his facebook page and how many girls just poked him in one day whereas I hardly get ever any attention. I know I have to get more confident but always as I try to do I think again that I've been now single for 5 years and that
  9. yeah but I have 0 hope anymore...sometimes I just forget about all my problems and have one or two happy days. but then I kinda try to look objective at my life and I just see how hopeless everything is. How stuck I've been for years and how I'll be stuck forever. All the guys I know from the school I'm attending at the moment (most of them are 20, 21 and I'm 25) have alot more experience with girls. They get to know them much easier, more often and have a lot more friends. I have good friends,
  10. Hi I just had a talk with a friend of mine which really destroyed my self-confidence again...Im 25, had so far 2 girlfriends (well one 3 year relationship with one girl and one 1 month "relationship"..) and have been single now for 5 years...i'm a nice guy, obviously not bad looking etc. etc. I have a friend, 22, who just told with how many girls he already had sex in his life...obviously I have other goals and rather want a girlfriend, nevertheless it shows me what a failure I really am...this
  11. thank you as well alem..it means alot to me...I had a horrible day today again and it's really nice to hear something like that.
  12. Hi there ) the only 2 pics I kinda like of myself..
  13. HI As I've posted in another thread, a doctor once made a test with me and saw that I cannot really digest milk, hazelnut, eggs and wheat flour. (in numerical terms: the values they're measured are normal if <0.35. My results: wheat flour 8.8, eggs 29, milk 57, hazenut 77) He however told me he's sure I don't have some gluten allergy or something since I've never had any symptoms. So, since I've love eating in a restaurant and love especially some foods with eggs I cannot avoid all these f
  14. Very nice of you, thank you very much. So I look 5 years too young...this still kind of bothers me though...but I have to learn living with myself which is hard though. But I don't know how to talk to girls i don't know..or I don't have the confidence...but it bothers me sometimes so much to see who has a girlfriend and that I don't. Just because they are much more offensive of course and walk up to women which I hardly ever do...