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  1. So true! We also use Levulan, but we activate with Vbeam here is a link to some of my results: *Moderator edit - please read the board rules - advertising is not permitted* I LOVE it! And you are right, it is all in the PREP and the EXPOSURE. When I do Vbeam for activation I typically do between 500-600 pulses on a full face, with several pulses over the really bad areas. So many clinics do NOT prep properly and the patient ends up as the loser in the deal. I hate to see that!
  2. How long does this last? That sounds somewhat normal to me. Overall, are your scars better? Did they take "Before" photos for you to have at the end of treatment to compare?
  3. We have the Smoothbeam and used it for several years. Now we are using VBeam + Levulan and getting much better results. Here is a link: *Moderator edit - please read the board rules.* You can also do a search on my site for SMoothbeam photos, but it is my second choice.
  4. They didn't tell you about it because they don't know about it. I use it every day at our office. Try to find someone near you with Vbeam! Go to candelalaser.com to do a provider search in your area. Here is a link to my site with info on Vbeam: *Moderator edit - please read the board rules - advertising is not permitted*
  5. Hi noellesmama... Please post comments of results after treatment 3. Your acne improved? Regards, Pablo
  6. It depends on what type of acne you have and what your skin type is. Are you fair, tanned, asian, african american? Darker skinned and tanned patients are at very high risk if they do Levulan. I would do Smoothbeam plus Vitalize peels in many of those cases. Right now I think the very best seems to be Levulan with VBeam. Even a DUSA representative admitted to me at a laser conference last year that the VBeam or other pulsed dye lasers are better than BLU-U for activation of Levulan. That is p
  7. I am sorry that I am not on the board as much as I would like to be. I am extremely busy and have a hard time keeping up with my day to day responsibilities. I did want to post some great results of a patient who has struggled with acne for about 5 years. She did Accutane and it failed to work on her. She had had this cyst on her cheek for a couple of years. This photo was taken 2 months after her SECOND Photodynamic Therapy treatment with VBeam. We did her THIRD treatment the day this was ta