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  1. Update: the tiny whiteheads haven't cleared up yet. I gave up on all diets, random home remedies, various prescription topicals, expensive face washes and lotions. The only thing that I noticed would slightly lessen this acne, was when I steered clear of sugar all together. However, that created a very unhappy person, so I'm back on sugar. I just started Accutane. I've taken Accutane in highschool and in college and it cleared up my skin for about 5 years, each time. During those times, I was de
  2. I am female, aged 34. About two years ago, I developed a tiny rashes of white heads,(very tiny pimples) the rashes are always on my face (mostly like 15-20 at any given time), they don't itch and do go away after a few days, but another couple or 15 always show up. They seem to appear really fast and I have not found any connection to what is causing them. I've heard breakouts in the chin/cheek area are sometimes attributed to hormones, however, they are always there regardless of my time of the