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    Picking My Acne

    I have this too. I've tried a lot of things- therapy, coping skills, evening wearing face masks but the drive to do to it has to come from inside you. Everyday is a battle, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose but you can't let one loss keep you from victory. You can do it. I'm working on this too.
  2. Hi Everyone! This is my first post here. I want to tell you all my story. I just got done picking my face and I felt an urge to document it. My hope is that maybe this can help someone out there who is struggling with what I am struggling with. I'm 18 now, and when I was about 15 years old I developed severe cystic acne. It was really painful, pussy, and swollen all the time. I tried to conceal it with makeup, but I had very visible bumps on my face 24/7. At some point, I realized I could temp