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  1. Wow! This happened to me about 2 years ago!! My throat severely started hurting and I didn't know why. My doctor just shrugged and said "That's weird!" when I told him about how the medicine caused it. I never knew their was a term for it.
  2. I was on doxycycline for about 3 months and then I had a nasty reaction to it. My throat began to swell up, not enough to affect my breathing, but it hurt whenever I swallowed, even just water. Finally figured out it was the pill, and everything went back to normal when I stopped taking them. That was about 2 years ago.
  3. Every time I look into the mirror I feel like crying this week... =[ My boyfriend's parents flew into town from Sweden and of course 3 nodules popped up the day they arrived and I've been battling since them.
  4. I had to stop using it. After about a week on it, it caused me face to dry out horribly and then I had the worst breakout I've had in a long time >.<
  5. *shrugs*I'm just as new as you but I've found that people here are really nice and always willing to answer your questions no matter how silly or weird they are^^ It gives you a really comfortable feeling while you're here.
  6. Oooh, I've just started using CSR today...but it's weird because I can already feel a difference. My face is really soft. My old wash use to really dry out my skin.
  7. You could just pull back your hair when you're applying it. That's what I do and my hair has yet to be bleached.
  8. I only use mine about 2 times a week and that's only to keep my blackheads under control. Other than that, it doesn't do anything for me.
  9. Well, if you two made out, she probably touched your face as one time or another and felt that you had acne. So, just call her. You've only got one life to live, mate, might as well live it like you want.
  10. Yeah I've been really shy about it for the last 4 years but lately I've become more open with my mom about how I feel with it and though she doesn't totally understand, she has been willing to take me to the [regular] doctor more often or go to the store for emergency supplies[like when I notice that I'm out of cleanser or something]. It really helps to talk to someone about it.
  11. Yeah I keep getting blackheads in my ears. My mom says it's probably because I nearly always have my earphones on and I lost the little foam things that go on them but I was just wondering if anyone else ever got this? It seems so strange... If anyone does, please, tell me something I can do to help stop it!!>.<
  12. For a while I thought I had some on my arms but then I found out it was eczema which is[straight from dictionary.com] a noncontagious inflammation of the skin, characterized chiefly by redness, itching, and the outbreak of lesions that may discharge serous matter and become encrusted and scaly..
  13. In the end, also, if you have scarring it will just make your scars darker and more visible.
  14. I know that you still need a moisturizer because after you wash your face, you skin is somewhat dry and you need to hydrate it because then your body will produce more oils than normally. Plus, some moisturizers absorb oils.