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  1. I have similar looking raised red lumps after a subcision treatment and couldn't get rid of them. Been 1 1/2 years already. Have yet to find an answer or successful follow up to the problem on the internet. CO2 laser didn't do anything, although I'm giving a different laser another try. Kenalog injections were problematic because of the very small diameter leading to difficulty to inject into the tissue. Excision not an options according to the docs I went to, because of the risk that new
  2. It didn't go away for me. I tried injections already. Doesn't get any better (Subcision was 1 1/2 years ago). I'm not sure if what I have though is a 'lump'. More like a raised scar.
  3. Well I got to bump this. They are still there after a year. I even tried 1x Kenalog injection and it didn't help. Didn't have any other Subcision in the meantime.
  4. I had an old scar from a trauma (not acne scar) on my cheek which was treated about 3 years ago successfully with CO2 Laser and completely disappeared. A few months ago I started to change my skin care regime and using retinoids (twice a week at night) and vit C also twice a week. About a week ago my old scar appeared to be visible (red) again. People even commented on it. Does the retinoid usage seem to be a likely cause? Of course I stopped it for now. Well can I expect the inflammatio
  5. Yep I've read about that already. Could you tell me how exactly you did it - Just one day after the Subcision?
  6. Ok so I'll just keep waiting till my next Subcision apointment which is in July.
  7. So how many months ago did you have your subcision?
  8. So I had Subcision treatment on my forehead a little over 3 months ago. The procedure went fine and there was some improvement however there are still two raised lumps (about 5 mm diameter, texture like skin, slightly redish) that I have since day one after the Subcision and they haven't gotten much better in those three months. Did someone experience similar problems? Will they go away on their own after a while or should I do something specific? Thanks